Blue Lock Chapter 154 Release Date and Spoilers!

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The new World Cup is already approaching and the players are excited and yet scared. However, in the chapter, they’re faced with the decision to choose a league where they’ll train. Here’s everything you need to know about Blue Lock Chapter 154.

Blue Lock Chapter 154 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 154 will be released on the 1st of December 2021. However, there will likely be no delays this time. The chapters of Blue Lock will be available for reading on the Kodansha website. 

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Blue Lock Chapter 153 Recap

After all the U-20 players made their arrival at the Blue Lock Prison Hallway, one of them saw Isagi too. The latter was curious to know why they were all gathered here at the same time. 


Ego had called each and every one of them, Oliver speculates. Rin and Yoichi met, with the latter complimenting the former by telling him that Blue Lock wouldn’t be the same without his participation. 

Soon after, Ego declared that he’s been granted the authority to choose the competent players to form the Japan U-20 World Cup team. He informed them that since the World Cup would begin in less than three months, he will place everyone in the Blue Lock’s next stage.

Ego advised him to choose one of Europe’s Big Five Leagues for their training. He then went over all of the leagues, including England, Spain, and the other countries in Western Europe, and advised players to choose wisely.



Ego began a 90-minute countdown and advised the players to choose the right place so that we get the desired outcome. 

Blue Lock Chapter 154 Spoilers

With the players receiving an insanely short time to choose a country for their training, the chances of them choosing the wrong country could spell doom for their future in football. They’ll have to coordinate better and collectively choose a league that will give them the best results. 


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