Blue Lock Chapter 156 (Kunigami Rensuke’s Return) Release Date and Spoilers

Kunigami Rensuke in Blue Lock Chapter 156

The previous chapter announced the commencement of the Neo-Egoist League, where five teams, led by the best strikers from Europe, will play against each other. The team that emerges as the sole victor will represent Japan in worldwide football tournaments. Here’s everything you might want to know about Blue Lock Chapter 156.

Blue Lock Chapter 156 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 156 will get released on December 22, 2021. Earlier, it was supposed to be released on December 15, 2021. However, there were some delays of about a week due to which we were unable to read it. 

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The manga has been progressing for a long time now (almost 2 months). Maybe the mangaka is taking a much-needed break from his hectic work schedule.


Blue Lock

Blue Lock Chapter 155 Recap

Chapter 155, titled “Neo-Egoist League,” begins with the Blue Lock players meeting the German squad with whom they would be training. Before they can comprehend what is taking place, Ego explains how the Blue Lock Restart software will function. 

Neo-Egoist League To Commence

Each of the teams from which the players were chosen sent 11 players, including their best striker, to practise with the Blue Lock players. He said that each of the five habitats has its own master striker. As a result, Ego went on to introduce each of these strikers. 

Strikers From Western European Countries To Train Blue Lock

These are the strikers who will lead the training in Blue Lock:

  • Chris Prince, the perfect hero from England’s Manshine city. 
  • Lavinho, the Dancer from Spain’s FC Barcha 
  • Marc Snuffy from the Ubers (Italy)
  • Loki, the God Sprinter aka Supernova of football from France.

How Will Neo-Egoist League Function?

Later, Ego indicated that in each of these locations, a mixed squad will develop. The 11 members from the reputed club will train with the 9 Blue Lock trainees under their strikers. From there, only 11 regulars will be recruited into the main team for the Neo-Egoist League after rigorous evaluation.


The five ecosystems would then compete against one another in a Blue Lock League. Japan’s playing team will be chosen based on the Neo Egoist League rankings.

There are special match regulations that will drive a player to adapt and go beyond their limit. Some of these are striker substitution an infinite number of times, three goals per match for rapid matchups, and so on.

Isagi’s Dreams 

We see Isagi getting riled up to make the most of this opportunity of playing with Noel Noa, who has been his role model since childhood. He decides to give his best towards becoming the best striker in the world.


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Kunigami Rensuke’s Entrance

Ego admits that he would want to recruit a player to Germany’s team who has joined through the “back door” and is the only survivor of the Wildcard programme. 

Blue Lock

Kunigami Rensuke makes a frightening entrance, his eyes brimming with passion and energy, leaving us hanging. The other players look on with shock and fear. How will his character’s inclusion in the programme affect the plot?


Blue Lock Chapter 156 (“Bastard!”) Spoilers

Ego revealed his final trump card for the forthcoming league near the end of the previous chapter. Kunigami Rensuke was the only surviving wild card player. The first phase of Neo’s league will now commence in the following episode. 

This involves a combined workout with the Club Teams. Normally, leaks and spoilers for the upcoming chapter would be available around this time, but since the manga is on hiatus, there is nothing to be released. Spoilers and leaks should be accessible next Saturday when the manga is scheduled to resume.

Where To Read

Blue Lock is available for reading on the Kodansha website.

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