Boruto Anime: How Can Koji Kashin Enter Hidden Leaf Without Being Detected?


In the latest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, we finally saw Kara’s Delta and Koji Kashin come to Hidden Leaf village.

Who is Koji Kashin?

If you have a problem with learning spoilers, then do not read this article. As of now in the anime, Koji Kashin is a Kara Inner who has been acting shady.

According to the Hidden Leaf, he is a big mystery because he could use the Rasengan and summon toads.

While the Hokage and team are confused about how it happened, things like that didn’t matter now that Kawaki opened about Karma.


We have seen a lot of things about Kawaki that many forgot about Kara. But Koji Kashin keeps getting shadier.

What is Koji Kashin doing?

Well, for starters, he is not working for Kara; he is working against it. It is later revealed that the one who sent the ship to the ground and let Kawaki escape was Koji and Amado.

It is said that they both have been trying to destroy Kara from within as they know what Jigen and the gang are up to.

Amado has a close bond with Koji because Koji was built entirely in the lab like Mitsuki but with the DNA of Jiraiya.


That’s why he has white hair, can use Rasengan, and can summon toads just like Jiraiya can. So, without a doubt, he is a strong opponent.

How can Koji enter Hidden Leaf?

Well, since he has Jiraiya’s DNA, it is said that he could go in undetected without triggering any alarm which activates with the new Chakra.

Since Jiraiya has been in the system, it is easy for him to walk in and out of the village while Delta stands out and watches him.

Delta already has doubts about him, and this just makes her furious. In the manga, Jigen finally finds out and goes into battle with Koji, and a lot happens from that, and we get to know a lot about what Kara is up to because of that.


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