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Boruto Anime: Naruto Uses This Power Finally After 3 Years


We were too excited for Naruto to meet Kawaki finally, and as expected, it was nothing but awesome.

From the first minute to the last second, this week’s anime episode was just perfect. We finally got to see Naruto in action and use his Chakra Mode.

While it looked like we haven’t seen Naruto for a long time, the truth is that’s exactly the case. This mission of Team 7 has been going on for quite some months in anime timing.

And the last time we saw any action from the previous generation was during episode 65, where Naruto used his Chakra Mode.

What Made Him Use again?

Well, let’s just say Kawaki has a way of bringing out the most powerful people against him. But to be honest, this was not his fault.

The police were cornering Kawaki, and he just tried to retaliate against their firepower before he could do it; he sees a kid in the way.

Even though he stops mid-way and redirects it, Naruto drops in like the hero he is and absorbs the attack.

Kawaki The Centre of Attention!

We got to see what runs in the mind of Kawaki a little in this week’s episode, and like usual, Naruto feels bad for Kawaki.

After all, you know how busy he is, and if he came all the way to look at him, then we know Kawaki will be a significant part of Boruto anime from now on.

Well, that and the fact that the upcoming arc brings Kawaki the focus of attention. As usual, Naruto looks at the good in others and asks the police to release him, assuring that he will take care of him.

Not The First Case of Beast & Powers!

 Let’s just say that this is not the first time Naruto sees someone with enormous uncontrollable power and a small child who doesn’t know how to control it.

We are pretty sure that Naruto will start to see a lot of him and Sasuke in Kawaki. Without a doubt, the upcoming episodes are going to be a bomb, so stay tuned!

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