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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Manga Gets A New Villain


There is no time to breathe when taking down evil, is it? Because Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga is ready to introduce the next villain.

The Next Powerful Kara Member?

The manga just now gave the fans some severe reasons to cry by killing Kurama. With the beast dead and Naruto immensely down, the manga hasn’t stopped bringing in more obstacles.

According to the current plot, Code takes in Isshiki’s will and is seen leading his plan. But things suddenly looked different with Amado reintroduced as the villain.

But according to the latest chapter, it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Modern Problems To Strike The Hidden Leaf


The more modern the technology gets, the more advanced the problem comes for the people of Hidden Leaf.

In the latest chapter, in the end, before the chapter gets over, we are left with an unexpected cliffhanger.

In the scene, we see Code go to Boro‘s old haunting grounds asking for something specific to the old man overseeing the place.

It’s nothing good, as we already know. He comes into contact with one of the cyborgs.

Who Are These Cyborgs?

Well, in the manga, we see several cyborgs created by Kara when Jigen was in charge. The story goes like this, Isshiki felt threatened by the power of this cyborg.

As he felt that it might be stronger than him, he asks for them to be destroyed. But Boro let her live and she is Eida.

Well, to tell you the truth Eida/Ada is a human who was heavily modified with scientific tools and technology by Amado to take down Isshiki.

Currently, Kara is very much understaffed, and it could get all the help it could.

Think about this, Isshiki feeling threatened by something? How powerful would that be?

Is Eida The New Villain?

Well, Code has a lot on mind right now, and one of the most important ones is to fulfill Isshiki‘s wish. So, he went to get Eida’s help.

As far as we know, she could be the next formidable foe of the Hidden Leaf. Kawaki and Boruto better suit up because they are going to be in some serious battles with Eida.

As to the reason why Boro saved Eida in his cult (probably for his selfish needs) and how exactly Code knew about that is still unknown.

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