Butch and Cassidy are Back! Pokemon Journeys Winter Special Trailer

The Pokemon winter special trailer was dropped on Friday. In the beginning of the preview trailer, we get the announcement that Episode 93 will be released on January 14, which means the series is going on a two week hiatus.

A short hiatus is good because it would allow animators to take a much needed break and they can come back and create even better episodes. This is a much better scenario than poor quality releases and overworked animators.

The first scene of the preview trailer shows us a peek into the next episode which will air after the hiatus. This is going to be a Renji focused episode with Magnemite and Magneton, where the two will go crazy and form together.

We also see Pikachu and Grookey being infatuated with a really bizarre image of Kantonian slowpoke and Galarian slowpoke joined together in a centipede formation.

Pokemon 2019

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As an addition of comic element, there’s another scene where we see Pinsir feeling sad that Heracross has fallen in love with Lilligant. This episode is sure to be a funny one, that’s for sure.

But it looks like Lilligant used a move on Heracross so it’s probably going to turn out to be a situation that’s misunderstood and not what it looks like.

Butch and Cassidy Return! 

Pokemon 2019

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And then, after this, the most exciting part of the preview appears. Butch and Cassidy are back! It seems Cassidy has altered her usual ways as a member of Team Rocket and she’s instead wearing an apron.

In the case of Butch, his outfit seems to hint at him possibly working in a restaurant, probably along with Cassidy. Many fans will definitely be hyped to watch this episode. The episode may possibly be a two part episode where in the first part, the trio could meet up with Butch and Cassidy.

There’s also a cursed rap battle between Galarian Ash and Kantonian Goh. We wonder how this will play out when the actual episode releases. Another exciting part of the trailer is when a group of Eeveelutions show up, probably for Chloe to meet. Chloe seems to be involved in a showcase.

A Marnie and Piers Focused Episode 

Pokemon 2019

The next hype scene has Marnie and Piers finally making an appearance. This may be a good time to show whether Piers is in the World Coronation Series or not. Many fans want him to be in the Masters’ Eight so this could be a good moment to reveal it.

It could also show Marnie being passed the responsibility of taking over the gym. This episode may also be a two parter with Butch and Cassidy or it could be expanded into its own episode. Marnie and Piers could also be featured in further episodes and journeys hopefully.

That’s all! This preview was quite the fun little showcase of the next few episodes to get us hyped. Stay tuned for January 14th when the series returns from its short break!

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