Blue Period Episode 12 Release Date And Spoilers


Episode 11 had Yatora grappling to grow as an artist. A new challenge shows up in the form of the second exam to test his strength and conviction in his own art. He learns something valuable from Yuka but will it be too late when he realizes it?

To find out the outcome of the test and whether Yatora will get in TUA or join the rest of the serial exam takers, you’ll have to wait for Blue Period Episode 12. If you’re curious about the upcoming episode, read on!

Blue Period Episode 12 Release Date

Blue Period Episode 12 has already aired on Netflix Japan some weeks ago. So the finale has already been watched by those who have access to it. As for the rest of us, Episode 12 is scheduled to release on Saturday, January 1st, 2022.

Recap of Blue Period Episode 11

In Episode 11, Yatora finds out that the second exam is to draw a nude. He realizes that he’s not very comfortable with the naked body.


Blue Period Episode 11

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Unlike Yuka who views the nude as a blank canvas that people can decorate with clothing to express themselves, Yatora thinks of nakedness as something to be hidden.

While both ways of thinking are associated with wearing clothes, the reasoning behind them is completely opposite. Yuka’s view of the nude suggests pride but Yatora’s suggests shame. But this changes soon.


When Yatora looks at the nude model, standing proud with head held high and very comfortably naked even in a room full of strangers, Yatora finally starts to understand what Yuka was saying.

He seems to have cracked the code to viewing the nude body not sexually but with an artist’s eye, something he was clearly not confident in earlier.

Blue Period Episode 11

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Yuka helped him realize that bodies are not necessarily inherently sexual or beautiful or ugly. They simply exist. It is up to the artist to make meaning out of the mere fact that bodies exist as they are.

What Can We Expect from Blue Period Episode 12? 

We saw in the last episode that Yatora is working with around three hours less than the others taking the exam, so this newfound realization may have come too late. We’ll have to find out in the next episode.

But the unconventional approach has worked for him before. So we never know, he may do spectacularly great with his impromptu idea to pour the turpentine all over his sketchbook.

Whatever the outcome of the exam is, Yatora is showing significant steps in learning and taking in new ideas, which is really the point of being an artist and anyone in general too. So even if he doesn’t pass the exam, he’ll have grown a lot and that’s all that really matters. Stay tuned for the final episode of Blue Period to find out!


Where to Watch Blue Period Episode 12 Online? 

You can catch the latest episodes of Blue Period on Netflix, Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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