What If..?: Captain Carter and The Future of MCU?


What if…? brought us Captain Carter played by Hayley Atwell. Originally, it was a male character. But with this new possibility, we could see a completely new universe where we see an all-female cast.

What do we already know?

We are going to see female Thor in the upcoming movie Thor: love & thunder, played by Natalie Portman. She will wield the famous hammer, Mjolnir. We even know that in the MCU future Iron Man will be a girl as Tony Stark died at the end of Phase 4. She will be smarter than Tony.

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Marvel has already shown women smarter and stronger with characters like Black Widow, Shuri, Wanda, Captain Marvel, and many more.

Captain Carter Epitome of Strong Women?

We have seen that women are assumed to be weak but they have proven to be stronger than men and even better over the years. Even in What if…? Peggy was considered a failure because Colonel Flynn thought that she was not fit for field duty and she will not be able to fight the bad guys. However, she proved to be a dependable person when she infiltrated Hydra’s facilities, ambushed his garrison, and even freed Bucky from Hydra’s captivity.

Captain America was taken as the symbol of peace and liberty. In this new universe, we can see the same for Captain Carter.

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Marvel can also experiment by bringing Mary Jane as the spider-woman or could even show Thanos as a woman, hell-bent upon correcting the balance of the universe or even see lady Doctor strange.

Only the future will tell us if there will be a all-women superhero movie. This brings us to a question:-

What if… there was a role reversal between female and male superheroes and villains?

         But that’s the story for another What if…






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