Will Captain Carter Have A Live Action Movie After What If…?

What If?

In the new animated Marvel series, Peggy Carter’s character has transformed and evolved into Captain Carter. Taking over the role of Steve Rogers, we see Captain Carter in action as she takes the Super Soldier Serum instead of the Captain America we are familiar with. Ever since this debut, many questions have been raised regarding her character. A possibility of a Captain Carter live-action movie also comes into the spotlight.

The options and the possibilities really are endless as we venture into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With over 24 movies and shows, comics, and new heroes constantly being introduced, there’s a lot of scope for a Captain Carter live action movie.

Captain Carter in What If…?

Hayley Atwell’s Peggy Carter will be seen in the animated series What If..? However, the character has been transformed and reinvented in such a way that she now is no longer in the background. Marvel writers and creators have also said that the character of Captain Carter is one that they will constantly keep revisiting.

Captain Carter Live Action Movie?

What If…? director Bryan Andrews has already expressed his desire for the new superhero to get her own live-action movie in the coming years. This may be a huge hint that Captain Carter fans may be getting a standalone film in the future.

Since it has already been proposed out in the open, there’s also a chance that it may definitely come true considering the attention the character is getting.

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“I know A.C. and I feel totally the same in this, and while we don’t know if this is necessarily going to happen, it would be amazing if they would just do a Captain Carter movie,” Andrews recently said in an interview.

He also hinted that Atwell would do an amazing job in playing the role. “Just get Hayley Atwell in the suit, give her her own franchise and just have her blow doors like hells to the yeah,” he added.

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