Celebrities who Tested Positive for Coronavirus But kept Quiet!


Many celebrities like to keep their private life private, but somehow fans always have a way to dig it out.

But in Coronavirus’s case, it’s really unpredictable how people kept it so covered and that no one knew except their close family. A Royal family member has been added to this list of silent survivors.

Prince WilliamPrince-wiiliam.jpg

Some royal family members had been tested positive for Coronavirus when the spread in the UK was uncontrollable. Prince Charles was also one among them and was immediately kept under isolation.

The Sun reported today that Prince Willian, too, was diagonal with Coronavirus but recovered well from it. The Prince didn’t want the people to worry, so he tried to keep it hidden.


Kanye WestKanye-west-coronavirus.jpg

Kim Kardashian shared that Kanye West was tested positive earlier this year and that it was terrifying.

In an interview with Forbes, Kim Kardashian revealed that it was terrifying and that he had contracted it in February even before it became a big deal worldwide.


Khloe Kardashiankhloe-kardashian-coronavirus.jpg

Even though fans think the Kardashian clan faked Khloe’s diagnosis, we don’t know what is right. The family is known for drama, and there is no stopping them in it but don’t know if they stooped this low.

Anyway, Khloe actually confessed that she had tested positive for Coronavirus in a clip from the KUWTK episode. And also said that she missed her daughter the most in those times during the isolation.


Michael Rookermichael-rooker-coronavirus.jpg

Michael Rooker, who plays Yondu in The Guardians of the Galaxy movie, was also tested positive for Coronavirus.

The 65-year-old actor actually had a funny way of letting his fans know that he had kicked Coronavirus’ butt.


Neil Patrick Harrisneil-patrick-haris.jpg

Neil had said that he and his husband and his two kids had tested positive for Coronavirus in early April.

He stated that it wasn’t at all pleasant, but they powered through.



The songstress has shared that she and her three-year-old son had tested positive. After two weeks, they both recovered, and Pink took to Instagram to share her diagnosis.

Pink also donated 1 million Dollars to the COVID-19 relief fund.


Jim Parsonsjim-parsons-coronavirus.jpg

The Big Bang Theory alum said in an interview recently that he and his husband had tested positive for Coronavirus back in the Spring.

Jim Parsons said that he had completely lost the sense of smell and taste, and that’s when he understood it was something severe than the common cold.


Kevin Hartkevin-hart-coronavirus.jpg

Kevin Hart said in a set at Dave Chapelle’s show that he had it at the same time as Tom Hanks.

He joked that he didn’t say anything because Tom Hanks was more famous than him, and that’s why he didn’t tell it out.




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