Kendall Jenner: Turns 25 and Faces Backlash


Kendal Jenner turns 25 on November 3 but guesses what as usual they had to do something crazy.

Halloween/Pre-Birthday Bash

Kendal Jenner threw a lavish party with a Halloween theme on the day of Halloween on the rooftop of Harriot. The only people seen in the party with masks were the waiters.

The celebrity party included Justin Bieber, Jade Pinkett Smith, and the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan, and so many more.

No Social Media Rule

Even though the party had so many posters lying around asking the guest to avoid posting on social media, there is no way anyone took it seriously.

Kim 40 Fiasco

The rule probably was made after Kim Kardashian received severe backlash when she posted her private island celebration for her 40th birthday. People didn’t care back then how they were without a mask, but what annoyed people were that she could’ve kept it off social media as so many have lost their lives and livelihood in this ongoing pandemic.

Celebs to Nothing

That’s right; it’s still ‘ongoing’ people!! I wish the Kardashians had the ability to do a brain enhancement. People were quick to call them out and made sure they knew exactly what people think about it. With KUWTK ending next year, there are more chances of these sisters going from celebrities to nothing.

Kylie Jenner the Fake Billionaire

What many don’t understand is that everything or mostly everything they portray is a hoax.

Remember when Kylie Jenner was branded a self-made billionaire by Forbes? It looks like it was just a hoax. The magazine revoked Kylie’s title and announced that Kim K is richer than Kylie and that Kylie is only worth 700 million dollars. Even though it’s more than any of us will ever see, it’s still shocking to see her create such a big hoax.

Just the Face Value

Many experts and fans predict that Kylie‘s company has nothing but face value. The products are just mediocre, and that the price is too high. Also, many think that with the end of KUWTK, the sisters will lose their news-making capacity, and little by little, the family will lose its’s celeb status. Even though the money will stay, their future earning will be very limited.

But we think Kris Jenner will do something to stay relevant. Recently, Dwayne the Rock snatched Kylie’s place as the highest-earning celebrity on Instagram for a paid post. Finally, someone who works hard is at the top.


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