Chainsaw Man’s References To Texas Chainsaw Massacre Explained


Chainsaw Man took the anime community by storm when it was released last year. Moreover, the popularity of the series continues to grow since then.

The debut season of the anime series consists of twelve episodes with the final one being released in December 2022.

Meanwhile, many fans were quick to point out the striking similarities between the series and the iconic 70s horror film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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Chainsaw Man Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Chainsaw Man’s inspired by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Tatsuki Fujimoto, Chainsaw Man’s mangaka reportedly admitted that 1974’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was an elemental inspiration behind the series.

Besides that, there are multiple similarities between both installments. For instance, the movie includes a masked character named Leatherface who uses a chainsaw to kill people. Denji on the other hand uses the same technique except he slaughters devils.

Moreover, Fujimoto also stated in an interview that he was impressed with the idea of chainsaws. Hence, he wanted to develop something revolving around it.

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In addition, the manga and the anime include gory and graphic scenes such as spilled guts and continuous blood splatters. 

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre hit the theatre screens back in 1974 with Tobe Hooper serving as both its director as well as producer.

Additionally, the film quickly turned into a franchise after it emerged as a modern slasher classic. 

The movie has inspired several media including video games and books. Many subsequent movies have been released over the decades with the latest one being dropped in 2022.

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Chainsaw Man Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Furthermore, the original movie is also inspired by a real-life serial killer named Ed Grein. However, none of the scenes in the movie were based on true events. Also, Grein did not use a chainsaw.

The opening scene of the anime is reportedly a reference to the movie in question. A young Denji hugging Pochita is somewhat identical to the shot where Leatherface carries his mutilated victims.

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