Here’s The Anime Releasing In March 2023

2023 ANIME

Here’s the anime which is set to be release on March 2023.

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The Klutzy WitchThe Klutzy Witch: anime 2023

An upcoming The Klutzy Witch anime film, which is based on the Japanese children’s book series Rakudai Majo. The story follows Fuka, a young witch training to be like her mother, the queen of Silver Castle.

She gets into trouble sometimes, but she’s also a lively girl who cares about her friends. Her best friend is Karin, a princess at Green Castle; and Chitose, a prince at Blue Castle, has been her friend since childhood. Fuka goes to the Wood of Wolf in search of a tunnel with them, but they find a hole instead.


Yomogi Asanaka is just an ordinary high school boy. He encounters a young man named Gauma, who claims he is a “Kaiju User”. When the city is attacked by a Kaiju, Gauma summons the giant robot Dynazenon to battle it.

Yomogi, his classmate Yume Minami, and local NEET Koyomi Yamanaka are caught up in the battle and end up becoming Gauma’s copilots for Dynazenon. Together, they must uncover and put a stop to whatever is behind the Kaiju attacks.

Gridman UniverseGridman Universe

In the classroom after school, Yuta Hibiki draws and erases Gridman in his notebook over and over again. A single girl create and destroy this world. The ones who saved the girl’s heart were Hyper Agent Gridman, who came from another dimension, a monster with a heart she created, and Yuta and the others.

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Yuta, who has moved on to the second grade and is in a different class from Rikka. Their daily life in such a peaceful world began to crumble with a roar. The crimson dragon Dynarex, the Neon Genesis Junior High Students, and Yomogi Asanaka, a resident of another world, appear in front of Yuta one after another. While hiding his feelings for Rikka, Yuta’s extraordinary life begins.

Doraemon: Nobita’s Sky UtopiaDoraemon: Nobita's Sky Utopia: 2023 ANime

Doraemon: Nobita to Sora no Utopia is an upcoming Japanese animated science fiction adventure film. It is the 42nd film of the Japanese animated series Doraemon created by Fujiko F. Fujio. Doraemon, Nobita and his friends go to find Utopia, a perfect land in the sky where everyone lives with happiness, using an airship having a time warp function.

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Where to watch?

You can watch all these anime on Disney+, Hulu and Crunchyroll.

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