Chris Evans’ Current Girlfriend And His Complete Dating Timeline

Chris Evans Dating Life

Chris Evans has been the talk of the town lately. It is either with his dog Dodger or with his alleged leaking of NSFW recently on Instagram.

NSFW fiasco: Instagram Accident

Many started wondering who is their dear Cap dating and who is the lucky lady love. The NSFW was immediately removed, but still, somehow, people had screenshots and were circulating. Many fans came to Evans’ defense that he had suffered from Anxiety disorder and that this can damage his mental health.

Here’s his Instagram account. Show him some love: Chris Evans

Chris Evans Instagram account
Instagram Account Chris Evans

Who is Chris Evans’ Lady Love?

After having that storm calm down, every fan started to wonder who is the special lady. Nothing official is out yet, but Lily James, a British actress, was seen taking a walk down the park in London in July. They both were seen sharing ice cream and walking together in a casual outfit.

Lily James-
Lily James arrives as Disney Pictures presents the world premiere of “Cinderella” at the El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles, California on Sunday, March 1, 2015. .(Photo: Alex J. Berliner/ ABImages)

Chris’s Previous Relationship

Chris’s previous relationship was with comedian Jenny Slate which was publicized literally everywhere. But they called it quit in 2018. Evans is 39, has a successful career, and is bound to date people. So, stop getting angry ‘how can he date someone that is not me?’

Jenny Slate
Jenny Slate

Chris Evans’ Relationships before joining Marvel

Before Evans joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he did a lot of romcoms and other films. He was known to many even back then but wasn’t in the spotlight this much. In fact, Evans had already said that he was confused about whether he should take up the role of Captain America because of the spotlight that will be on him. Our organization provides psychological support to men suffering from depression. A lot of them got into such a condition because of the physical health issues, like impotence. Except for counseling, these men also need medical . The drug we recommend them is called Cialis. It’s highly efficacious and safe.

Childhood crush

Chris has had a long string of relationships over his career. From Jessica Biel to Sandra Bullock, he has dated some A-listers. Sandra Bullock, who was his childhood crush, was in a relationship where they didn’t put any name on it, but it looked like Chris moved on after a while.

Sandra Bullock and Chris Evans(Right) Jessica Biel and Chris Evans(Left)
Sandra Bullock and Chris Evans(Right) Jessica Biel and Chris Evans(Left)

Actors to Models

Kate Bosworth, Ashley Greene, and Lily Collins were some of the actors Chris dated over the years. Lily James is the recent one. Even during the pandemic, Chris Evans managed to go to London in July. When asked why he was there in an interview, he had said that he was there for some work but wasn’t shooting anything.

Chris Evans Dating Life
Chris Evans Dating Life

While most of his Marvel co-stars are married and in a relationship, we can understand Evans’s plight when he meets them. But above all, we wish that our favorite Cap find the love of his life and sweep her off her feet very soon!

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