Christian Bale: Who Is Gorr the God Butcher In Comics?


After months of speculating, the role of Christian Bale, the main antagonist in Thor: Love and Thunder, has been revealed by Marvel.

Christian Bale will be seen as the God Butcher – Gorr from the comics. If the character is anything like the comics, then Bale would have to do just motion capture work and dubbing or will probably require heavy makeup to look like the Yellow-eyed butcher.


Who is Gorr?

According to the comics, Gorr is from an impoverished planet where most people die of hunger. Thanos did have a point, actually. Gorr lost his parents at a younger age, all of which was due to different tragedies, and then lost all of his Children and wife one by one, either due to hunger or some calamity.

Gorr and his people on the unnamed planet believe in God and have been long waiting for their salvation. After seeing no God ever came to his rescue, Gorr abandoned his faith and said to all of the people of his planet that there is no God, and because of that, he was exiled by his people.

While wandering in a desert, he sees two Gods fighting each other and is shocked to his very being when he realizes that Gods exist and that they simply don’t care about him and his people.


His Power


While he stands there watching two Gods fight the battle, one Gold armored purple-colored God and another evil one, the Gold Armored one beg for Gorr’s help, but he doesn’t budge. But the evil God’s weapon suddenly transforms into a symbiote and attaches itself to Gorr, and thus Gorr defeats the purple God and then goes on a rampage killing every God known in every realm.

This is the first symbiote, All-Black, and it gives Gorr immense power as he is already filled with hate and regret and sorrow. With at least three thousand years of combat experience, Gorr is skilled enough with weapons to duel with gods at ease and thus earning him the name the God Butcher.

While his only weakness is heat and sonic vibration, that too has been managed to prove useless on Gorr sometimes.


Encounter with Thor


 According to the comics, Thor has had many encounters with Gorr, and he has barely managed to escape. Now that Jane Foster has also taken after Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy crew are also with him, there might be a chance that they will kill Gorr once and for all.

But there are many chances that Thor has already met Gorr even in the MCU timeline as in the comics there are instances where Gorr comes to Earth in search of Thor. Also, it is said that Gorr has killed the God of Time and thus possesses the power to travel through various timelines and realities and kill all the Gods of past, future, and other realms.





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