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Fear Street Trilogy: Theories About The Shadyside Killers And How They Were Chosen

Shadyside Killers

Netflix’s horror trilogy Fear Street, which is based on the Fear Street books by R.L Stine, is out with the third movie Fear Street 1666 and now fans are wondering about the back stories of the Shadyside killers. 

The first and second movies of the trilogy mainly focused on the storyline of the witch, Sarah Fier who possessed innocent people every few decades and sent them on a killing rampage. However, the truth about Sarah Fier has since come out with the third movie and now we know that the Goode family were actually the ones behind all the murders.

Shadyside Killer


Since Solomon Goode was the one who made a deal with the devil and not Sarah Fier, his bloodline maintained good luck and fortune. In exchange, the devil would possess the souls of whoever the heirs of the Goode family chose and make them kill innocent people. 


So how exactly were these people chosen to kill other innocent people? Well, for starters, Solomon Goode explained to Sarah Fier that he had to sacrifice one soul in order to receive fortune. The first soul sacrificed and chosen by Solomon was no other than Pastor Cyrus Miller who killed 12 children. 

Solomon had told Sarah that he believed no one was innocent and called the people of the town dogmatists. So it only made sense for him to choose the pastor of the town as the first killer, since the pastor was someone everyone looked to for guidance. Therefore, it’s very likely that Solomon chose the pastor because he held some resentment towards him and disliked how the town venerated him as a saint. 

One thing we don’t know is why Sheriff Goode chose Ryan Torres but the fact that he was the one who shot Torres before the killer could commit suicide seems suspicious. Pent up anger and revenge, maybe? We also don’t know which members of the Goode family chose which killers but it was revealed that most of the killers did indeed commit suicide. 


Ruby Lane


Fans are dying to know more about the other killers too, especially the hot and eerie Ruby Lane and the little masked boy with the deformed face called Billy Barker. 

Since we can maybe theorise that Solomon Goode did have a motive in choosing Pastor Cyrus, maybe the others did too. Why else would someone choose a young, disabled boy to be a killer unless they were purely sadistic? 

Although nothing has been confirmed just yet, the director of the Fear Street Trilogy, Leigh Janaik, has expressed interest in making more more movies and spin-offs. Fans can now only hope that they will soon get new films about their favourite Shadyside killers. 

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