One Piece Episode 984 Preview and Leaks!!

One Piece Episode 984

Here are the leaks of One Piece Episode 984. The Episode is titled “Luffy Goes Out of Control?! Sneaking into Kaido’s Banquet”. It will be airing on July 25.

In Episode 983, Eustass Kid and his pirates lead the way to Onigashima. The Straw Hats and the samurais follow his lead. They push through the outer ring and finally arrive in Onigashima.

Onigashima is large and is terrible to behold. They are a little intimidated by its landscape. Three guards notice their entry. However, Usopp knocks them out with his sleepgrass shot. The samurais also destroy their ship as soon as they arrive ashore. This symbolizes their will to emerge victoriously or die trying.

The Straw Hats, however, run into a huge party of Beast Pirates on the shore. Much to their surprise, the Beast Pirates turn out to be samurais dressed in Beast Pirates garbs. Kin uses his special technique to disguise the samurais. Kin also uses his technique to disguise everyone into Beast Pirates.

The group enters Onigashima without detection. At last, the assault is about to begin.

One Piece Episode 984 will cover:

  • Kanjuro gets lost in Onigashima and fails to warn Orochi
  • Luffy and Zoro wander off again
  • Kaido instructs the Tobiroppo to find his son Yamato
  • Luffy arrives at the Beast Pirate banquet and gets angry because they are wasting food
  • Zoro joins him and they fight them
  • Apoo injures Luffy and Zoro and they flee
  • Eustass Kid strips his disguise and attacks Apoo for revenge
  • Marco finally arrives in Wano

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