Corpse Factory Visual Novel Announced!

The Australian video game studio River Crow Studio has presented us with the video game Corpse Factory. This visual novel-style game is scheduled to launch in January 2022.

It will be available for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam

The developer has published a trailer and a demo on Steam:

It has been confirmed that the game will have texts and voices in English.

Corpse Factory is a visual novel halfway between horror and psychological thriller

In this video game, the player will have to investigate a strange website that allows requesting the death of an acquaintance by uploading a photograph of the same. 

This is the second visual novel published by the Australian studio after the video game How To Date A Magical Girl!, published in February 2019.

More about the game from its Steam page:

//TOKYO, 20XX: Whispers and rumors are spreading through the streets of metropolitan Tokyo like wildfire. Murmurings of a bizarre website have started to pique the interest of more than a few people—people willing to take extreme risks in order to fulfill their darkest desires.

Corpse Girl’s Website supposedly allows users to request the death of someone they know. All that is required is a photo of the proposed victim. Once an image is uploaded, the website promises to snuff out the victim’s soul within a matter of days.

Victims of the website apparently receive a photograph of their own corpse—even before they are dead. Photos are time stamped with a date… Perhaps a predicted time of death? The website’s authenticity is questionable at best. It has become an interesting topic of conversation and nothing more.

And yet… When people start dying in odd ways across the city, the website instantly returns to the limelight.

All of the recent victims were found in possession of strange photos—photos of their own corpses, received only hours before they died…

Corpse Factory is a visual novel driven by pure suspense. It’s part horror and part psychological thriller. The story is told in a linear fashion, with a few key choices to make along the way that will affect the ending of the game.

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