Could Daisy Johnson Still Appear in Secret Invasion? Chloe Bennet Sets Record Straight on Secret Invasion

With speculation abounding of Chloe Bennet putting in more Marvel appearances, the actress debunked rumors of her involvement.

Agents of SHIELD logged seven seasons on ABC from 2013 to 2020. And in that time span, the popular Marvel series introduced several beloved characters.

Chiefly among them was Chloe Bennet’s Daisy Johnson aka, Quake, who started off the show as a simple hacker before becoming a superhuman agent of the clandestine organization SHIELD.

Despite Agents of SHIELD’s ambiguous canonicity to the MCU, fans have heavily theorized that Bennet’s Quake will turn in a guest appearance during Secret Invasion on Disney+.

Chloe Bennet Sets Record Straight on Secret Invasion

In an interview with ScreenRant, Agents of SHIELD star Chloe Bennet quashed the rumors of her potentially returning to Marvel for Secret Invasion or any other MCU project.

When asked if she’d be open to reprising her role in Marvel Studios’ MCU, Bennet responded:

“Of course, I would be open to it. Listen, there’s a lot of stuff around that. I so deeply love SHIELD’s fans because it’s this tenacity that got the show on air to begin with. I have not once been approached or asked or involved in anything after I wrapped ‘SHIELD’ And I am not involved in anything that is coming out.”

The actress continued, noting that while she hasn’t been asked to, she’d be “more than excited to put on the suit again:”

“I’ve not been asked, but I would be more than excited to put on the suit again. And, of course, of course, Daisy is a big part of who I am. So I would love to, but I have not been communicated [with] about it.“

Previously, a promo for Secret Invasion sparked additional speculation that the show would include Agents of SHIELD characters. The footage in question showed Nick Fury uttering the line “Cavalry’s on the way.”

”The Cavalry” was, of course, the nickname of Ming-Na Wen’s fan favorite Melinda May. Fans were quick to jump on Fury’s line as possible evidence that May would crop up in the forthcoming Disney+ series.

Could Daisy Johnson Still Appear in Secret Invasion? Is Bennet speaking truthfully in refuting her return?

Well, probably. But if the lead-up to Spider-Man: No Way Home has taught fans anything, it’s that Marvel stars aren’t always being completely honest about their roles. Andrew Garfield categorically denied that he was reprising his role for months, only to do exactly that.

For all intents and purposes, it seems mostly unlikely that Quake would pop up in Secret Invasion. But it’s a series that doesn’t have much of a confirmed superhero presence and with rumors of enhanced Skrulls, Fury and company will need all the help they can get in battling this threat.

At the end of the day, far more surprising things have happened in the MCU, and with Daisy Johnson playing such a key role in the original Secret Invasion comic arc, maybe there’s still a place for her in the live-action adaptation.

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