When Will New Spider-Man Movies Debut? Sony Producer Teases Live-Action Spider-Man Stories

Sony Pictures producer Amy Pascal teased development for two new live-action Spider-Man movies following the studio’s efforts on Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Since breaking box office records and the internet alike with Spider-Man: No Way Home, Sony remains busy with other live-action movies in development such as 2023’s Kraven, 2024’s Madame Web, and the reportedly undated El Muerto.

Additionally, Tom Holland is set to return to the MCU with Spider-Man 4, which is in the early stages of development, focusing on his college life in a world where he’s a complete mystery.

And with characters like Miles Morales and Spider-Woman still waiting for their own live-action debuts, Sony will have its hands full for the foreseeable future with new stories to tell.

Sony Producer Teases Live-Action Spider-Man Stories

Sony Pictures producer Amy Pascal revealed to Variety during the red carpet premiere event for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse that live-action movies are in the works for Miles Morales and Spider-Woman.

While she gave no specific details on either movie, she made it clear that “you’ll see all of it” and that these projects are “all happening” in the future.

Producer Avi Arad also teased that fans will see a movie featuring Spider-Woman “sooner than you expect.” And while he couldn’t give any further details on that movie, he ensured that it’s on the way:

“I cannot tell you yet, but it’s coming.”

Rumors have hinted that Sony holds the rights to Miles Morales for a live-action movie and that the studio was looking into the idea of making a movie centered on Miles, which would be in a separate universe from the Venom movies.

Pascal also teased Miles’ live-action debut in March, although she explained that fans will likely “have to wait a couple of years” for that to come to fruition.

When Will New Spider-Man Movies Debut?

Looking at Pascal’s past quotes, she’s been known to promise a lot in terms of Spider-Man movies only for those films to take a long time to be officially put into development.

But now, with Miles Morales set for another epic adventure in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, it only makes sense that Sony is looking to bring characters like him and Spider-Woman into live-action.

Many fans are hoping that these movies will eventually be worked into the MCU, especially with the teases hinting at Miles’ existence in Spider-Man: No Way Home already existing in Marvel Studios’ super-powered franchise.

For now, these movies are behind a handful of others in Sony’s cache of projects, which includes the MCU’s next solo Spider-Man adventure, Spider-Man 4.

But the fact that they’re on the table will certainly have fans anxious to see who is cast as Miles Morales and Spider-Woman while both the MCU and Sony’s Spider-Man Universe expand and evolve.

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