D.N.Angel Manga To End Soon— Three Chapters Left


Yukiru Sugisaki’s D.N.Angel(ディー・エヌ・エンジェル) manga is finally coming to an end—in three chapters. Kadokawa, the publishing house for the manga, stated this in the January 2021 issue of their Monthly Asuka magazine, which ships on Tuesday.

The manga series centers on Daisuke Niwa, who is an average teenage boy. But when he confesses to his crush Risa Harada on his fourteenth birthday and is subsequently rejected—he undergoes a mutation later that day. His mother tells him that all the men in their family, due to a strange genetic condition, take on the appearance of Dark Mousy, who is an infamous phantom thief. Daisuke transforms whenever he has romantic feelings about or thinks about his crush. He now has to hide his alter ego, while being on the run from the police. Worse still, Risa now has a crush on Dark. The only way for Daisuke to reverse this condition is to have his unrequited feelings returned.


This manga was first published in the Monthly Asuka magazine in November 1997, and continued till a hiatus after the August 2005 issue, only to return in the April 2008 issue. Kadokawa has also compiled the chapters and published them in tankobon volumes. Tokyopop published English versions of the series till the closing of the North American division was closed in 2011, and Viz Media got the rights to its digital version on Kindle in 2014.


There is also an anime adaptation of the manga, which was produced by Xebec, Dentsu, and TV Tokyo from April to September 2003. Directed by Koji Yoshikawa and Nobuyoshi Habara, the series has 26 episodes. D.N.Angel TV Animation Series is a short manga series, also by Sugisaki, which is based on the anime adaptation and diverged from the main storyline. It started in August 2003.

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