Onyx Equinox: Episode 2 of Crunchyroll’s Anime!


Let me tell you one thing now itself; Onyx Equinox was worth the wait, worth the hype, and worth our time. If you haven’t watched the first episode, I am seriously judging you right now but don’t read this article as it has spoilers.

Ten Years in the Making

For those who have no idea what it is but is trying to find out and watch and get in on the hype, then here goes. Onyx Equinox is Crunchyroll’s original anime series. It was created by Sofia Alexander and has been in the works for ten years.

The first episode of season one came out on November 21, 2020. The first episode is streaming in Crunchyroll and is available in English and many more languages. The subtitles are not available as it was originally recorded in English.

Do you need a Premium?


You don’t need to have a premium account to watch it. But if you want to watch it as soon as it airs in Japan, then you might need a premium. Otherwise, you can watch it with us every Saturday for new episodes.

The first episode saw the introduction of the God of the underworld and the okay but not so good Gods. We see Izel and him becoming humanity’s champion. Spoiler alert, he didn’t choose it. In fact, after he saw his sister sacrifice herself to protect him and in turn protect the villagers, Izel jumps into the same river wanting to die.

Five Gates of Hell

But, fate has other plans for Izel. The Gods decide to close the five gates connecting the underworld and the Earth, to stop the Gods of Underworld from destroying humanity and quench their bloodthirst. The Gods choose to erase every trace of humanity and relieve them of the problems, but one disagrees.

You have to watch the show to know the actual events. It is so beautifully portrayed, and if the pilot episode is any indication, this series will be a huge hit.

Second Episode


The second episode will air on November 28, 2020. At the end of episode one, we see Yaotl pulling Izel out of the river and saying, ‘if this is humanity’s champion, they are doomed.‘ Yaotl is the beast sent to protect Izel in his quest to close the gates.

Now, on a more personal note, don’t just see the underworld Gods as villains alone, as the other fractions are not good either. They have sent Izel to close the gates so that they get all the human sacrifice undisputed and end the blood drought they are facing. So, there is no way it is a win-win for humanity here. But let’s see how this shapes out.

Not Yet in Form

None of the Gods’ forms are known as they are shown taking over dying human bodies to hold the conference. They just happened to appear after the entire village was destroyed by one of the underworld beasts and didn’t have any regret that they died. Their only problem was the blood didn’t go to them.

So, wait with us and find out how Mesoamerica’s people get salvation from all the Gods of Hell and the other kind.


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