Deadpool 3: Morena Baccarin Addresses If She’ll Return as Vanessa

It’s no secret that Deadpool 3 will feature Ryan Reynolds as his genius superhero mercenary Wade Wilson. However, the question of what the story will be, when it will be published and who will appear in “Three Wells” remains open. Shrouded in mystery Morena Packer’s character Vanessa, who appeared as a beloved character in both Deadpool movies, seems like a logical choice for a sequel. However, the fate of the character remains unclear after his murder in Deadpool 2, and Wade travels back in time to save him, thus changing the timeline. When Vanessa returned to the table for Deadpool 3, Baker jumped at the chance to see if she would return.

Direct participated in a panel at Dragon Con Atlanta on Saturday, September 4, where he discussed the return of Morena Packer as Vanessa in Deadpool 3. When asked by a fan if Deadpool’s timeline change parallels his character in the third film, Bakrin responded by saying he had “no idea”, but added that it would be “cool” to see Vanessa. Return:

You know, I know nothing from your mouth to God’s ears. Now they are writing the script. I’m usually the last one to find something. I don’t even… I wish I had information I could give you, but I really don’t. But it will be fine The actress revealed that she was aimed at death in Deadpool 2 at first, but after the initial screens, they said, “They changed it to add this chronology”, which is a “good sign” for the future of her character:

Deadpool 2 ending heaven

“When we film the second film, I think I will die, and then after they screened it a few times, they changed it to add this chronology, so I think this is a good sign that fans want to see her again. “Whether it happens or not is not up to me.”

Will Vanessa be in Deadpool 3?
Deadpool 3 has been in development for a while, but as Baker points out, it’s still in the early stages. Red Reese and Paul Wernick are currently writing the script, and Sean Levy will direct.

Ryan Reynolds is rehearsing for the film, which shows that things are moving quickly for the trio. With this information, more actors will be confirmed for the film soon.

The door is certainly open for Vanessa to return in Deadpool 3, seeing how Wade went to extreme lengths to save her in the post-credits sequence. Other characters like Domino by Zazie Beetz or Non-Gasonic Teenage Warhead by Brianna Hildebrand can also see some of the characters that survived the events of Deadpool 2.

It will also be the first Deadpool film released since Disney absorbed Fox Studios, effectively bringing the Marvel character under the MCU umbrella. More announcements are coming from Marvel at D23 next week, and some Deadpool 3 news is among them.

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