My Hero Academia Season 6 is arriving in October! 

The month of October brings the release of the sixth season of the fan favorite My Hero Academia.

Based on Kōhei Horikoshi’s manga series of the same name, it is set in a world where humans can gain superpowers no two of which are similar unless the bearers are closely related.

The sixth season will follow the “Paranormal Liberation War” arc from chapters 253-306 in the manga which saw the face off between the pro-heroes and The League of Villains.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Recap

The fifth season of the anime received somewhat mixed reactions from the audience as it was mostly intended to serve as the filler for the overarching narrative of the show.

The season ended with Pro Hero Hawks successful investigation of the Paranormal Liberation Front which will serve as the basis for the confrontation between the Heroes and the villains in the next season.

What to expect from Season 6

The two trailers of the season show the calm before the upcoming storm as well as give the fans a preview of the story development. Tomura Shigaraki, the central antagonist of the show has received a major power boost of unprecedented nature.

To add to the worry, our heroes are completely in dark on such development. Though they are confident owing to the latest intelligence they gathered, but how will they counter the unknown power they had no knowledge of? Who will be able to survive the war and who will not?

My Hero Academia Season 6 Release Date

After a wait of nearly 1 year since the release of last episode of the fifth season, the sixth season of My Hero Academia will air on October 1, 2022 in Japan.

Where To Watch

The show can be accessed on Crunchyroll with English subtitles. The viewers are required to pay a monthly subscription to access the show.

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