Did Bruce Introduce Wong to Blonsky? Wong’s Magic Aiding Blonsky?

Did Bruce Introduce Wong to Blonsky? Wong's Magic Aiding Blonsky?

Tackling the question of how Wong and Emil Blonsky even got acquainted with one another in the first place, the answer could come from an interesting relationship that started in Avengers: Infinity War with Bruce Banner.

When Bruce crash-landed on Earth, he fell right through the skylight in the Sanctum Sanctorum, meeting Wong and Doctor Strange for the first time before warning them about Thanos’ impending attack. Following Tony Stark’s death in Avengers: Endgame, this bond is one that easily could have developed over the years, with Bruce maybe even thinking of Wong about the Abomination situation.

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Once Bruce learned about Wong’s abilities and his place as the Sorcerer Supreme, he may have come to the magician in hopes of pushing Emil Blonsky further down a redemptive path. Episode 2 confirmed that Bruce had seemingly rectified that relationship with his former enemy, and being both resourceful and an Avenger, he could certainly have hopes to see Blonsky make a good life for himself once again.

Wong’s Magic Aiding Blonsky?

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With Wong now holding the title of Sorcerer Surpreme, he has access to magic and knowledge that was previously hidden from him when he was simply the librarian at Kamar-Taj in Doctor Strange and the last two Avengers movies. Could he have possibly discovered some mysterious spell or artifact that aids Blonsky in his evolution as the Abomination?

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This could answer the question of why the former villain now boasts a more comic-accruate look, with the fins on his head and a more streamlined body as a whole. But it could also be an indication that he’s gaining more control over that side of his persona, similar to how Bruce Banner fully transformed into Smart Hulk, with the Mystic Arts of Kamar-Taj aiding him in that journey.

Blonsky could be gaining some mystical help both physically and emotionally, with Wong being powerful and knowledgeable enough to ensure he’s not a danger to the world.


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