Who Is The Strongest Sorcerer Supreme According To Marvel Comics?

Strongest Sorcerer Supreme: Loki or Doctor Strange?

Doctor Strange may be the most recognizable Sorcerer Supreme, but who is the strongest to have taken up the mantle?

Earth has had a Sorcerer Supreme throughout its existence, and the individuals who boast this title have varied drastically over that time.

  • Earth has always had a Sorcerer Supreme – the first was Agamotto, who turned his eye into a magical artifact.
  • Doctor Strange is Marvel’s current Sorcerer Supreme, but is he the most powerful?


Strongest Sorcerer Supreme; Kushala?
Strongest Sorcerer Supreme; Kushala?
  • Kushala probably has more raw power, but that’s because she’s possessed by the Spirit of Vengeance.
Strongest Sorcerer Supreme; Doctor Voodoo?
Strongest Sorcerer Supreme; Doctor Voodoo?
  • Doctor Voodoo has also held the role, as have Pythagoras and Sir Isaac Newton.
  • The X-Men’s Magik is a contender. She’s already the Sorcerer Supreme of her own realm, Limbo.
  • And has trained under Strange to one day take his place on Earth.


Strongest Sorcerer Supreme; The Ancient One?
Strongest Sorcerer Supreme; The Ancient One?
  • The Ancient One is a real possibility, but magic is about knowledge, and Stephen has surpassed his master.
  • Loki probably has the most power, as his godly physiology can pay a staggering “cost” no other can match.

History of the Strongest Sorcerer Supreme

The first Sorcerer Supreme was Agamotto, a member of the Avengers of 1,000,000 BC who literally gave part of his body to create the Eye of Agamotto – a totem that tends to belong to the current Sorcerer Supreme. His allegiance is dubious and he has fought and/or possessed others that he deemed unworthy of wielding his ancient artifacts, even clashing with the Avengers in the New Avengers story arc “Possession.”

Similarly, Loki fooled Stephen Strange into thinking the trickster god had been chosen to replace him in Doctor Strange #381. Never appeased with more power, Loki became obsessed with a spell that would transfer all of Earth’s magic to him. Strange figured out Loki’s ploy and teamed up with his aid Wong and the Sentry to defeat Loki, who ultimately chose to relent after accidentally killing Strange’s dog (who came back as a ghost soon after.)

Current Savage Avenger Doctor Voodoo had a stint as Sorcerer Supreme. He was chosen after Doctor Strange declared himself unworthy and would eventually use his voodoo and other magical skills to fight Agamotto himself, as well as the Dread Dormammu.

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But Voodoo wasn’t the only existing Marvel hero to hear the call – X-Man Colossus’ sister Magik had a good run as the Sorcerer Supreme of Limbo, with Doctor Strange: The End (by Leah Williams, Filipe Andrade, and Chris O’Halloran) suggesting she’ll be the magic-user to truly inherit the role from Strange, having traveled back in time to learn under him during Brian Michael Bendis’ tenure on Uncanny X-Men.

Sorcerer Supreme Kushala attained the title after studying magic to rid herself of the Spirit of Vengeance that possessed her and influenced her to incinerate her entire tribe in the 1800s. The Spirit of Vengeance is one of the most powerful forces in Marvel lore, but since it exists outside her own magical talents, we won’t be counting its outright physical power towards her abilities as a mystic.

While it may sound unusual that someone could be both the Ghost Rider and the Sorcerer Supreme, there have been stranger figures in the role, such as Pythagoras and Sir Isaac Newton.

Strongest Sorcerer Supreme

Ultimately, Loki likely comes out ahead as the most powerful Sorcerer Supreme. As explored in Jason Aaron’s run of Doctor Strange, Marvel’s magic comes at a price. Doctor Strange has only been able to operate at such a high level because Wong, unbeknownst to Stephen, has maintained an order of monks to suffer the physical ailments that Strange’s magic demands.

The Verdict: Loki or Doctor Strange?

We can now narrow down the coveted title of the strongest sorcerer supreme to Loki and Doctor Strange. In his brief time in the role, Loki paid no such cost, since his nature as an Asgardian God makes him far more durable – he simply has more magical “currency” than any mortal in the role.

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That’s not to say that Doctor Strange couldn’t beat Loki in a direct confrontation – he’s the more inventive magician, his mortality giving him an edge in terms of desperation and flexibility. But Loki is almost certainly the Sorcerer Supreme able to draw on the rawest power, simply because he can physically take the strain of doing so.

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Thankfully, he’s not as fond of the responsibilities of the Sorcerer Supreme as he is of the power, meaning that Doctor Strange remains the best choice for the role… at least, until someone who wants it more comes along.

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