Did Doctor Strange Worship Spider-Man as a God?

Most people don’t know about the time Stephen Strange was a disciple of Spider-Man.

Doctor Strange had many teachers to become a magical Supreme during his studies. Stephen Strange had studied the Black Magic user under Kaluu and also had several alien magical instructors when he had to re-learn his magical skills by traveling the galaxy.
However, few know about the time Doctor Strange claimed to be a Spider-Man’s student. He once had good reason to convince his enemies that he was a disciple of Peter Parker.

The story takes place in a story from Marvel Adventures: Superheroes #5 when Doctor Strange recruits Spider-Man to help him save all of reality.

Spider-Man’s Webs Saved All Of the Reality


The story begins with Doctor Strange patrolling in different dimensions and searching for any mischief-makers. With Mindless Ones and Dormamu’s sister Umar, everything seems to be going well – but when Strange checks the fabric of reality, he finds it shredded by Zakimiya.

Realizing that he needs help, Doctor Strange asks Spider-Man, whom he believes has the intelligence, confidence, and skills necessary for the mission. After getting Spidey, the power to detect Zakimiya through Peter tingle. They magically update Spidey’s web-shooters to cover up wounds and fire a mystical web to cure them.

At one point, Peter even offers his spare change to Doctor Strange so that he can exchange it safely through the populated world!
As Spidey continues to close the cracks in reality, Strange reveals that his biggest challenge is yet to come.

Although the Zakimiya they encounter is exceptional, they are still only newborns – and nowhere near as full-grown. When asked how he plans to defeat, the Magical Supreme calmly admits that he knows nothing. LOL!

How Doctor Strange Became A Student Of Spider-Man

Once again, Strange increases the powers of Spider-Man – this time allowing them to fire “The Crimson Webs of Cyttorak” from web-shooters. He then encourages Spidey to take down as many young Zakimiya as possible – they must do this with as much pride and arrogance as possible.

Significantly, Peter chooses to trust the good doctor – and makes a hilarious borderline-incompetent supervisor speech, shouting at young Zakimiya, “How dare you to awaken me, the completely awesomely cool Spider-Man from my slumber of eons. I am tempted to release more than this mere mote of my true power!” Doctor Strange, meanwhile, challenges adult Zakimiya.

As he predicted, even his most potent spells fail to harm the all-powerful monsters. When they threaten to turn him to dust, Strange warns them that such an act would anger his master, none other than our Spidey.

Strange claims that he learned all his magic in just one hour from Spider-Man. Zakimiya also tells Spidey could pull down their young ones and asks what they should do to appease such an almighty.

Dr. Strange takes advantage of this and ask them to leave the reality alone and feed their children the heart of black holes. Dr. Strange leaves Spidey to his home and mentions that Spider-Man could make a good wizard if he ever wanted to take magic.

Now that, Doctor Strange and Spidey have dissolved their student-teacher relationship. We still believe that somewhere in the multiverse, the Zakimiya are likely warning their young not to anger the omnipotent Spider-Man.

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