Spider-Man 3 Gets Another Seinfeld-Themed Working Title

Spider-Man 3, Starring Tom Holland, Continues the Franchise Tradition of Getting the Seinfeld-Inspired Action Title.

Spider-Man 3 gets another Seinfeld-themed job title. The film will be re-enacted for the third time following Tom Holland and director John Watts’ previous work on his 2017 Spider-Man: Homecoming and last year’s Spider-Man: Far From Home.


Spider-Man 3 was a little bumpy, taking into account the last year’s fiasco between Disney / Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment. At one point, Holland’s web-slinging hero left the MCU and given to Venom and Morbius in Sony’s budding superhero franchise.

That would have spoiled a string of previous subplots installed at the MCU, including a game-changer reveal of the protagonist’s real identity. Fortunately, the rift between the studios was finally patched, meaning that anything set up in Far From Home would play in Peter Parker’s next standalone film.


With all the misery behind them, the third Spider-Man episode on MCU is officially underway. Production begins this summer with a July release date next year. Considering this, the threequel gets the official action title, and, like its predecessor, it has something to do with the classic sitcom Seinfeld. Production Weekly has revealed that the unnamed Spider-Man 3 is titled “Serenity Now.”

Aside from contact with Seinfeld, Spider-Man 3’s work title suggests what to expect in the film. The plot specifics for the project are still tight-lipped, with no villains revealed. However, considering what’s set up in Far From Home, it’s not hard to see where Watts is going. As described, the word “serenity now” is believed to have calming effects when pronounced.

Peter was undoubtedly terrified when the fans last saw him, and understandably because his true identity was aired. And he was also charged with murder. Using the mantra might help him to settle down. The problem is, it doesn’t work, and Peter could be seen desperately trying to regain control of the situation.

All else is yet to be disclosed. Please let us know what all do you expect from the movie, in the comments below!

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