Did Naruto Deserve To Be The Hokage of The Hidden Leaf?

Anybody who had followed the series for as long as I will have only one reaction to this and that is “Hell, Yeah!!”

Some Think Too much

But apparently, some nut cases think otherwise. And the reason they claim that is…well, let’s say I am a biased person to answer that question.

Well, they claim that Naruto doesn’t have much experience and particularly that he doesn’t have many missions under his belt like other Hokages.

Even though that is true and that Naruto has only 16 completed missions on-screen, that is extremely low when compared to other Hokages. Even if you think maybe he had some off-screen tasks, it still isn’t anywhere near to the previous ones.

What makes a Hokage?

According to fans, the other Hokages have been to around 800 missions before they have been dedicated as Hokage. Well, nothing about Naruto is normal, so this shouldn’t be the only angle we see Naruto.

If you have been following Naruto from the start, you know for sure there is nothing more important to Naruto than becoming Hokage. Even though there have been many that laughed at the sound of it, every person who ever heard it, at last, realized that he will indeed become Hokage and that he will far surpass those before him.

Even the second Hokage underestimated Naruto and Minato but was proven wrong very soon. We see everyone who ever-met Naruto sees him differently after an interaction or a battle with him.

Who’s better than Naruto?

He quickly surpassed his father and his sensei, and without any rich clan blood like Sasuke, he worked hard for everything and took what he wanted. He instilled hope among everyone that battled with him and had the power to protect thousand on the battlefield.

Yes, he might have lesser missions under his belt than the others, but others fail before him in many things. No, we are not talking just about powers; we are talking about his character, his energy, his vibe, his kindness, and so many other things that his enemies remembered even after he defeated them.

He made Gaara come out of his blood lust, made Pain change his mind, helped Obito realize his mistakes, made sure Sasuke never fell entirely into the darkness, and so much more. We don’t know what else you are looking for in a Hokage, but according to us and many fans worldwide, no one is a better fit for Hokage than him!

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