Naruto Shippuden: Naruto’s Rasengan Vs. Sasuke’s Chidori

While the Uchiha clan has some of the most powerful Kekkei Genkai, it looks like Sasuke sometimes doesn’t stand a chance when it comes to the powers of a determined, knuckleheaded Ninja, like Naruto.

From the minute Sasuke met Itachi again and found out that he couldn’t move a finger before Itachi, he had gone crazy. He pulled an unwanted fight with Naruto that resulted in pushing him to go with the sound ninja when they came to pick him up for Orochimaru.

Chidori Vs. Rasengan

While the fight in the hospital terrace near the water tank saw Chidori vs. Rasengan’s first match, we can’t ultimately make our stance on only that battle alone. Also, the fight was interrupted and stopped by Kakashi.

But we did see the impact Naruto’s Rasengan had caused on the water tank compared to Chidori.

All bark and no bite?

Chidori has the lightning effect to it; with that sound and the way Sasuke looks when it is created, it kinda makes us think the opponent is finished now. But when it comes before the not so flashy but silent Rasengan, it looks like it doesn’t have a chance.

Leave the hospital fight, even in the battle that took place in the Final Valley; we saw Naruto’s legendary jutsu giving Sasuke a good fight.


Battle in the Final Valley

But what many fail to understand here is that Sasuke’s intent was to kill while Naruto was just trying to get him to come back home. Also, Sasuke had a long day of rest in the coffin, and with Orochimaru’s curse, he had reached another stage of his power.

While Naruto was tired of battling and running around for one whole day, Naruto was at the point of exhaustion, and even with the nine-tailed fox helping him a little, he could barely survive. But that doesn’t mean that Rasengan fails before Chidori.


Final Battle


Even though later on Naruto goes on to create a new combination of Rasengan and finishes the mastering of Rasengan even that his father, the fourth Hokage, couldn’t do, he uses only the simple Rasengan in the fight with Sasuke again.

While both were exhausted at this point, and their powers hit and negated each other’s attack, one thing here is Naruto used the plain old Rasengan. At the same time, Sasuke had to use Chidori combined with Amaterasu flames to keep up with Naruto.

In the end, both did lose their hands, but according to some fans on Reddit, it’s said that if Naruto had enough Chakra left at that time, Sasuke would’ve lost more than his arms.

Thus our conclusion is, even the normal Rasengan created by Naruto is powerful than Chidori. After all, the Rasengan is a legendary Jutsu, fist

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