Why does Doctor Strange show Tony one finger in Avengers: Endgame?

Doctor Strange

There’s an interesting theory about what Strange meant.

Let’s look back at the conversation Tony has with his dad when he travels back in time to get the Tesseract:

Upon meeting his father, Tony had an awkward “handshake” with Howard because he only held one of his fingers while Tony went for a handshake. Because of this mismatch, Tony pulled Howard’s hand instead of shaking it.

Howard then makes this remark:

The theory goes that, knowing all aspects of the timeline they met, Strange knew that Tony would have this awkward intro with his dad.

Strange then reminds Tony of this crucial memory on the battlefield: Shake it, don’t pull it.

Once Tony understood this, he shook the stones instead of pulling the Gauntlet, which eventually took off the stones and gave him the advantage.

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