Who Is The First Avenger? What Is The Order Of Avengers?


Captain America is not the first Avenger.

First Avenger: Carol

Carol Danvers inspired the creation of the Avengers team and its name. She is the hero who prompted Nick Fury to assemble a group of heroes to act in her absence. But Carol is always the first and honorary member of The Avengers.

Second Avenger: Stark

Although you could argue he didn’t join at that moment, his actual joining the team still came before SHIELD found Steve Rogers on the ice. Evidence of this is The Incredible Hulk post-credits scene where Tony goes to General Ross and acts like a pseudo-ambassador,

which is a bit confusing given the movie’s release order. Besides, why does Tony even speak to Ross about this? Maybe to make him back off on Bruce Banner so that he can safely return home without worrying about the military knocking on his door if he joins the team? We can’t know, but that seems like a safe assumption.

Third Avenger: Steve Rogers

The only reason Steve is dubbed “The First Avenger” is that he existed first, chronologically*. But we know he was found in the ice a little before the events of the first Avengers movie, and by that time, the team already had members. But seeing as he was a member of the team when the movie started, he can safely be placed in third place.

Natasha (along with Clint, as a package deal) is the fourth (and fifth) avenger(s).

Natasha’s decision to join came after she interrogated Loki and was reminded of the horrible things she’d done in the past. Clint was reluctant and tried to object at first, claiming they were spies, not soldiers. But seeing she was set in her decision, he also decided to go with her.

Sixth: Bruce Banner

Because he’s always angry 😎

Even though his joining was in question ever since he “broke Harlem” (in his own words), he chose to move away and live a quiet life under the radar. Although they never lost track of him, SHIELD also never intended to disturb him. They intended to respect his decision and keep their distance from him. That is why Bruce did not become an Avenger until the events of The Avengers (and a bit of encouragement from Tony) made him rethink his position.

Seventh: Thor

Thor did not leave Earth as a member of the Avengers, although he fought alongside them. His plans would never involve returning to Earth if it wasn’t for Jane, for whom he even considered giving up his throne, powers and immortality. He didn’t care much for the group of five back on Earth besides his respect for them. But somewhere between the first and second Avengers movies, their continued collaboration to regain Loki’s sceptre from Hydra eventually led him to become an official group member.

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