Down The Rabbit Hole Blends Violence, Drama, and Comedy

down the rabbit hole

In “Down the Rabbit Hole,” a film by Manolo Caro, a boy collects historical hats and keeps a zoo of exotic animals at home.

The movie is adapted from the “Party in the Burrow” book by Mexican author Juan Pablo Villalobos. It tells the story of Tochtli, a smart and mature young boy who seems to have everything he wants, thanks to his father Yolcaut, who can seemingly do anything to make his son happy.

The Relationship Between Father and Son

down the rabbit hole

As shown in the trailer, Down The Rabbit Hole takes place in the world of drug trafficking. However, it’s not just another typical drug movie, and that’s what interested Giacobone.

While there’s violence and corruption in the backdrop, the focus of both the book and the film is the relationship between a father and his son. It explores how the father takes care of, educates, and protects his son, as well as everything he does to fulfill his son’s desires.

For the scriptwriter, it was easier to work with this theme because, although he’s familiar with the context of drug trafficking in Mexico, he doesn’t have much personal connection to it (as an Argentine writer). However, family relationships are easy to understand worldwide because everyone can relate as children, mothers, or fathers.

Tochtli, the heart of Down the Rabbit Hole

The most captivating character in Down The Rabbit Hole is Tochtli, portrayed by Miguel Valverde Uribe. As mentioned, he’s remarkably smart and mature for his age, but he also lives a sheltered life with limited exposure to the outside world.

Tochtli has specific obsessions that might seem excessive to us, but Giacobone explains that he himself had many such fixations during his own childhood. Sometimes it appears that Tochtli only wants to understand the world through the things that fascinate him, ignoring anything that bores him or might lead to disappointment.

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