Dr Stone: Asagiri Gen, The Bridge Between Magic And Science

Gen Asagiri

Asagiri Gen, a magician and cola connoisseur, is one of Dr. Stone’s most intriguing characters. Senku Ishigami, a young scientist in a post-apocalyptic stone world, is the protagonist of the programme. Inexplicably, the whole human race has been petrified. Senku, after a brief resurgence, is attempting to rebuild human society from the ground up with the help of science and his friends.

Dr. Stone: Asagiri Gen, When Magic Meets Science

About the anime

Dr Stone is a Japanese manga series written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by the South Korean artist Boichi. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump since March 2017, with its chapters collected in twenty-four tankōbon volumes as of January 2022.

A brilliant burst of light terrified the entire human race one fateful day. Taiju, a high school student, awakens after millennia and finds himself lost in a world of statues. He isn’t, however, alone. Senku, his science-loving companion, has been up and running for a few months and has a huge goal in mind: to use science to reignite civilization.


This manga depicts how some individuals from the Pre-Petrification World attempt to recreate civilization in the Stone World during the Petrification Age. The stone formula is one of the main protagonists’ earliest creations, and it undoes the certification.

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About Asagiri Gen

Prior to the events of Dr. Stone, Asagiri Gen was a well-known mentalist and magician. Senku appears to be a fan of his magical psychology books. Tsukasa dispatched Gen to snoop about the area and discover if Senku was still alive. He later defected to the Kingdom of Science, where he became one of Senku’s most devoted followers. Before the petrification, Gen and Tsukasa had met on a psychological magic show.

Magic psychology book


Asagiri Gen’s Appearance

Gen is a slim young man with a similar build to Senku. At the start of the show, he is 19 years old. His hair is split into two halves: a longer, white right half that reaches all the way to his chin, and a shorter black half. His petrification mark is angled and goes down his left eye.

Asagiri Gen's Appearance

He wears a pink cloak over a yukata and has big eyes. As a result of growing up in a stone age bereft of contemporary technology, Gen lacks adequate footwear.

Asagiri Gen’s Personality

Asagiri Gen is a complicated and varied character. He, like Senku, is extremely self-assured in his talents. He is proud of his understanding of the human psychology and remains cool and controlled in stressful situations. Gen is a natural liar who has no qualms about manipulating or misleading others for his own gain.


He is shown to be slightly perverse because he was pondering remaining loyal to the Tsukasa kingdom in exchange for a luxurious harem-like existence. But, in the end, he decides to associate himself with the Kingdom of Science, and he frequently demonstrates a true kindness and loyalty to him.

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This was demonstrated when, with the aid of the townspeople, he shocked Senku by giving him a telescope as a birthday present. Gen considers burning petrified human sculptures in one of the most recent episodes, but decides against it owing to his empathic character and respect for human life.

Gen Asagiri | 10 Best Facts About Gen Asagiri from Dr. Stone 2021


Gen enjoys putting on a show, as seen by his presentation of magic tricks upon his arrival in Senku village. Despite his confidence, he is quite paranoid. On one occasion, he put sachets of blood under his shirt in case he was fatally assaulted.

His cautious approach is ultimately a positive thing since it makes him a brilliant strategist, eventually propelling him to become one of the kingdom of science’s five generals. He is skilled at persuading individuals to work for Senku by using persuasion and, on sometimes, white lies or manipulation.

Gen is a slacker who avoids hard labour owing to his self-absorbed nature. Despite this, he demonstrates a surprising amount of endurance and tenacity throughout the series.

Dr Stone: Asagiri Gen, The Bridge Between Magic And Science



“Asagiri” is Gen’s surname, which means “dawn mist/fog.” His first name is derived from the Japanese term “illusion,” implying that he is a magician.

In the English dub of the programme, he frequently talks in Pig-latin. On several occasions, he refers to Senku’s wild intentions as “azy-cray.” He flips halves of random phrases in the Japanese version. “Yabe” becomes “be-ya,” and “hidoyi” becomes “doyi-hi,” for example.

Gen has a limited tolerance for alcohol and enjoys cola. Asagiri Gen is one of the most popular Dr. Stone characters due to his eccentricities, which add a lot to his already pleasant and intriguing personality.

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Dr Stone: Asagiri Gen, The Bridge Between Magic And Science

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