Demon Slayer: Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui’s Abilities Explained!


Tengen Uzui is an oddball who loves doing all his acts in a showy manner. He has demonstrated an unwavering and commanding attitude toward others. He is the deuteragonist of the Entertainment District Arc and the anime adaption for Demon Slayer Season 2. Tengen is the Demon Slayer Corps’ Sound Pillar.

He displays his caring side to his closest friends, particularly his three wives, Makio, Suma, and Hinatsuru.
The Sound Hashira, has displayed a number of techniques that illustrate his combat abilities. Here are some of Tengen Uzui’s abilities that attest to his strength as a demon slayer.

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Incredible Speed

Demon Slayer: Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui's Abilities Explained!

Tengen is the Hashiras’ fastest runner, and so boasts incredible levels of raw speed and reflexes,. This is frequently seen when he travels so quickly that he appears to teleport. He also outruns Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke in terms of speed.

Despite being hampered by a lethal poison, he was able to repel both Daki and the genuine Upper Rank Six, Gyutaro. This is one of Tengen Uzui’s abilities that definitely deserves a mention when one mentions him.

Musical Score

Tengen devised this technique to operate in combination with his Sound Breathing by utilising his enhanced sense of hearing.  He studies fighting techniques of opponents and finds out the rhythm of his opponents’ strikes, converts them into sound. Then, he reads them like one would do with sheet music, so that every fight can become a song.

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Sheer Physical Strength

Demon Slayer: Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui's Abilities Explained!

Tengen boasts incredible physical power, surpassing that of his Hashira brethren. In reality, Tengen was ranked second among all Hashira in an arm-wrestling competition, with only Gyomei Himejima topping him. He was able to fight on the same level as Gyutaro though he had just one arm left. He is so strong that even poison from an Upper Rank demon can not affect him.


When attempting to discover the site of a conflict underground, he examines the noises reflected and echoed by the cavern walls. In this way, he could precisely identify and even estimate the number of individuals within a particular space. He used this ability successfully during his battle against Daki and Gyutaro.

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Stealth of a Ninja

Demon Slayer: Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui's Abilities Explained!

Tengen is exceedingly adept at being stealthy, demonstrating his ability to move so quietly that he makes no noise at all. His stealth helps him to avoid Tanjiro’s and Inosuke’s senses, both of whom could smell and touch properly. Tengen was later stealthy in decapitating Daki, an Upper Rank demon, without her being aware.

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