Dr Stone Chapter 222 Release Date and Spoilers

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Dr Stone Chapter 221 reveals more information about who the Legendary Warrior is. The heartwarming story of the knight and princess is narrated, which heightens the depth of an anime like Dr Stone. Here’s everything you need to know about Dr Stone Chapter 222.

Dr Stone Chapter 222 Release Date 

Dr Stone Chapter 222 will be getting released on the 12th of December 2021. You can read it from Viz Media and MangaPlus.

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Dr Stone Chapter 221 Recap

In the previous chapter, we found out the identity of the Legendary Warrior buried underneath a stone statue. Ryusui arrived here and realized that it’s Stanley who had earlier placed many obstacles when they were battling some time back. 


Seeing Senku in his proximity, he asks if he’s aware of the knight in the medieval kingdom. Ryusui recounts Senku a story of a knight who was tasked with protecting a princess but fell in love with her. 

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One day, out of sheer love and desire for his beloved, he presented the princess with a crimson rose as a token of his proposal. He assured the princess that she would have a bright future with him. However, the princess is faced with a massive dilemma as she has a succession of countless princes who have asked for her hand in marriage. 

One of the top contenders was a prince from the neighboring kingdom, who paid a visit to the royal palace one day. When he sees the princess, he falls on his knees and proposes to her. 


The prince and princess’ marriage will put things right and restore harmony to the land. Ryusui inquires of Senku as to what he would do if he were the princess’s knight.

Senku outlines his plan and reminds Ryusui that he inquired when he knew what he was going to say. Dr. Xeno is with Gen on the hill, when Gen detects something. Dr. Xeno, Gen believes, is keeping his cool. 

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Senku’s proposition astounds Dr. Xeno, who understands that Stan was a Legendary Warrior. If they don’t resuscitate Stan, Xeno understands he threatens to destroy the rocket engine.


When Kohaku, Chelsea, and others learned about Stanley’s resurgence, they were taken aback. Chelsea, on the other hand, is relieved that Stan will be the rocket pilot, as Ryusui has determined after much deliberation.

The gang believes that as soon as Stan wakes up, he will shoot them. They are aware that the moon expedition is dangerous; yet, once there, they will save all of humanity. Ryusui admits that he will resurrect Stan because, while he may be an Ace pilot, he lacks shooting ability.

Dr Stone Chapter 222 Spoilers

The Spoilers for the upcoming chapter aren’t released yet.

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