Dr Stone Chapter 225 (Ramen On Moon) Release Date (Delayed) and Speculations

Dr. Stone Chapter 225

Dr Stone Chapter 225 was scheduled to get released on the 9th of January 2022. However, due to some unforeseen issues, its release was shifted to the next week. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming chapter.

About The Manga

Senku is a science genius who wakes up after 3700 years. The entire mankind got frozen after an unexplainable incident took place.

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Dr Stone Chapter 224 Recap

Senku recalls all the fun times he had with his pals building the rocket and hanging out. He sees a future where people will enjoy eating ramen in space once more.


Senku sees the countdown beepng. Dr. Xeno interacts with the crew on the planet and with the three heroes aboard the rocket. He warns them that liquid does not flow naturally in zero gravity.

Dr Stone Chapter 225
The rocket has launched

He tells them that he has packed resurrection fluid which will be available for Senku and the others when they get on the moon. Zero speaks about the twentieth century and the spaceship with no windows.

Dr. Xeno assured the two that they didn’t need to worry because they had plenty of air. He explains how things operate and assures them that they will not run out of air. Dr. Senku encouraged her to unwind and show them Francoise’s meal. He explained to them that it was space ramen contained inside the record.

Senku describes the dish as having the same flavor as the international space station in the twenty-first century.

Dr Stone Chapter 225: Space Ramen
Space Ramen

Dr Stone Chapter 225 Speculations

The next chapter, we will probably see Senku and his crewmates landing on the moon. There will be many adventures that will add depth and fun to our reading experience.

However, beware for these are mere speculations and we still don’t know when exactly the raw scans for this chapter will get released. They usually get released around 2-3 days before the official release date on Twitter and Reddit.

But often these scans are our only source of spoilers and yet they suffer from some translation errors due to amateur translations done.

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Dr Stone Chapter 225 Release Date

Dr Stone Chapter 225 will get released on the 16th of January, 2022. The release has been delayed by a week due to some unexplained issues. Hopefully, hiatuses and delays don’t become the norm for this sci-fi manga as well.

Where to Read

You can get to read the latest chapters of Dr Stone from Viz Media and MangaPlus.

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