Dr. Stone Chapter 230: Release Date, Raws, Spoilers and more.

The raw scans for Dr Stone Chapter 230 have been released, and they appear to imply another text and information-heavy chapter. Despite this, without the context of discourse, certain facts may be gathered from the panels themselves.

This chapter appears to mostly continue Senku’s discourse with the floating Medusa from prior issues. However, things appear to go bad at the end of the issue as the series’ events are recapped and discussions are reopened.

About the anime

Dr Stone is a Japanese manga series written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by the South Korean artist Boichi. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump since March 2017, with its chapters collected in twenty-four tankōbon volumes as of January 2022.

A brilliant burst of light terrified the entire human race one fateful day. Taiju, a high school student, awakens after millennia and finds himself lost in a world of statues. He isn’t, however, alone. Senku, his science-loving companion, has been up and running for a few months and has a huge goal in mind: to use science to reignite civilization.

This manga depicts how some individuals from the Pre-Petrification World attempt to recreate civilization in the Stone World during the Petrification Age. The stone formula is one of the main protagonists’ earliest creations, and it undoes the petrification.

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Dr Stone Chapter 229 Recap

Dr Stone’s 229th chapter began with another round of dialogue between the medusa and Senku. They were attempting to reach an agreement with the medusa in order to prevent the petrification of unwitting victims. The AI initially identified an intelligent race that needed to be maintained, according to Medusa.

Furthermore, the only method to determine which race was the most clever was to petrify them all. In this sense, the first people to emerge from the stone age were the wisest. As a result, they would be the ones who could assist them in evolving if they used that race.

The medusas planned to parasitize the same individuals once they helped them develop. However, Why-Man subsequently admitted that making people the target of a parasitic attack was a foolish move. Senku was to negotiate the situation with the Why-Man, it was determined near the end of the chapter.

Dr Stone Chapter 230: Raw Scans

Dr Stone Chapter 230 continues Senku’s interaction with the floating Medusa device, as previously stated. A view of an apparent oak tree with a fallen, growing acorn next to it opens the chapter. Following that are shots from the mass petrification incident, humanity’s decline, and the Medusa devices.

The view switches to a pyramid-like building surrounded by fields of what appear to be diamonds and stone human figures. Nature shots, the earth, and the moon lead to the development of revival fluid, which is followed by Why-man once more questioning why.

The chapter’s title page is then displayed, formally naming Dr Stone Chapter 230 “Human.” Senku and Kohaku, as well as Medusa soaring through space and the GPS boat, are depicted on the title page panels, as mentioned in the previous chapter. This appears to be either Senku or the Medusa recalling the events of the storey from this point on.

The flashbacks continue, depicting the rise of the Kingdom of Science and its ongoing experimentation with the Medusa devices. This causes Why-man to assault them, resulting in the second Mass Petrification event, in which Suika resurrects herself first, then the others.

Senku and Tsukasa are seen in a clip from their conversation on recognising Medusa’s power, followed by pictures of the Kingdom of Science. The construction of the Medusa containment chamber and the Medusa’s subsequent activation is then seen, followed by Why-“do man’s you want to die” query.

Dr Stone Chapter 230: What will happen next?

In Dr Stone Chapter 230, Senku will try negotiation with the mechanical parasites. He must have been relieved to find out that Whyman isn’t humanity’s enemy. They are open to negotiation and are in desperate need of maintenance. Senku has to make them understand that petrification isn’t a solution to mortality rather, it’s slowing down their evolution.

Right now, humanity is in no position to replicate such advanced devices; however, they can replenish them by changing the diamond batteries. In exchange for that service, Senku may ask them to stop petrifying humans or at least delay it until they find a way to replicate the medusa devices.

We could also learn more about Whyman’s background. Either it’s an extraterrestrial AI that got out of hand, or it’s the result of a botched human experiment. It wouldn’t be shocking if Whyman turns out to be the Dr Stone universe’s ‘Ultron.’

Dr Stone Chapter 230: Release Date

Dr Stone Chapter 228 is scheduled to release on February 20, 2022. All chapters of the manga will be timely released on the official pages of Viz Media.

Where to read?

You can read the latest chapter from Mangaplus and  Viz Media.




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