Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 Spoilers: The End of Granolah

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75

Dragon Ball Super has accumulated a large and passionate fan base. The DBS Franchise is getting bigger and better with the release of one new movie in 2022 and the anime’s Season 2. 

As for the DBS manga, 74 chapters are already released and the 75th chapter is set to be released on August 18, 2021. DBS Chapter 74 ended with Vegeta unleashing his God of Destruction form, which radically altered the power dynamic.

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Earlier, Vegeta was getting brutally overpowered by Granolah. However, with the new revelation, will Vegeta be able to put an end to Granolah’s plans for vengeance? The spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 are out and here’s everything you should know about it.

Vegeta’s God of Destruction Form In Action

The previous chapter ended with Vegeta’s surprising revelation. From the drafts of DBS Chapter 75 that were released, we see that the new chapter will commence with Granolah’s confusion over Vegeta’s powering up.

Vegeta is quite amused and satisfied to see his foe’s reaction. Granolah is able to deflect and dissipate a huge energy blast sent by Vegeta. However, Vegeta suddenly appears in front of Granolah and grabs him by the collar. 

Vegeta taunts the Cerealian Prince for being too drunk on power and threatens to show him the extent of real power. Granolah receives a massively painful headbutt and is hurled against the rocks. He receives a rain of barbaric assaults and kicks, which wear him down. 

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However, towards the end of the draft, Granolah wounds the Saiyan Prince by charging into his stomach. The Prince screams that the tougher the competition, the more excited he gets.

Will Vegeta Win The Fight?

Right now, Vegeta winning the battle seems quite plausible because of how strong his new form has made him. However, that doesn’t mean Granolah has no tricks up his sleeve. It simply means that whoever wins the battle, the battle won’t be an easy one.

Read the drafts here.

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