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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81 Spoilers (Goku VS Gas) Revealed!

The raw scans for the upcoming chapter of Dragon Ball Super, i.e Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81, were released recently, from which we saw further developments in the fight between Vegeta and Goku and the antagonist Gas.

Here’s what we can expect from Dragon Ball Super’s newest chapter. Keep reading further!

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81 Raw Scans

The latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super begins with Gas raising Vegeta and Goku’s gravity, rendering them immobile. Elsewhere, Granolah threatens to attack Elec, but Gas rescues him and fractures Granolah’s arms in the process.

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Furthermore, Gas fires towards Granolah’s eyes, while Elec fires at him from the back. Following thereafter, Granolah is seen plunging into the river. As a result, the Cerealian appears to be out of the picture for the time being.

Goku transforms into his Blue form after Vegeta gives him some of his energy. Gas is taken aback when he sees Goku break away from his enchantment. Goku then relaxes his mind before combining his Blue and Ultra Instinct forms.

Gas attempts to kill Goku by conjuring wall spikes. Goku avoids getting hit by all of them. Gas then utilises his mental abilities to attack Goku with trains and homes. During the fight, Gas overwhelms Goku and wonders if he is truly Bardock’s son. Gas criticises Goku by claiming that he is nothing like his father and that the Saiyan is incapable of stopping him.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81 Release Date

Chapter 81 is scheduled to be released by the 21st of February 2022. Every new chapter gets released on a monthly basis.

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Where To Read

You can read the latest chapters of Dragon Ball Super on Viz Media and MangaPlus.


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