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The 17th episode of Eden Zero which was titled “The Temple of Knowledge” came out this week. Eden zero is a Japanese science fiction manga. It is written and illustrated by Fairy Tail’s Mangaka, Hiro Mashima. 

It has been featured in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen magazine in fourteen tankōbon volumes so far. The previous episode ended on a huge cliffhanger, which made many fans excited to know more.

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Eden Zero Episode 17 Recap

Edens Zero on Netflix in August

The episode begins with the witch and sister welcoming the Hermit into Eden Zero. Homura and Rebeka plan to go for a swim in warm waters and Weisz and Shiki taste some mouth-watering delicacies.

Shiki comes to know that Pino cannot taste or smell and feels remorseful for her. Shiki requests Weisz to provide her those abilities but Pino declines this gesture by stating that she truly believes she will become human one day.

Shiki encourages her belief whereas Weisz who thinks otherwise keeps the revelation to himself that a bot cant become human unless the mythical mother is in fact real.

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Spider searches for Drakken Joe to defeat the Eden Zero team. Drakken on the other hand executes him thinking he is of no use without hearing him out.

He considers looking into Eden Zero to regain the wealth because of Planet Guilst’s destruction. Drakken contacts the guild master of shooting starlight to collect information on the warship.

Suspicious of Noah and his association on Planet Guilst. The team goes to planet Mildain to seek Xiaomei, a legendary fortune teller.

Edens Zero Xiaomei
Edens Zero Xiaomei

The episode ends with the group meeting this oracle but she leads Shiki and her mates to a Colosseum for fights in her abode.

Edens Zero Episode 18 Spoilers and Expectations

Here are the spoilers and some theories on what will happen in Edens Zero Episode 18. We realize that Xiaomei wishes to be entertained for helping everyone. This being the major reason why they were sent to the Colosseum.

This episode might allow us to see the team members fighting against foes who are equally if not more powerful to them. Xiaomei is all-knowing and thus knows the outcomes of the match. 

However, it would be an amazing twist if Shiki or the team members do something that she had not foreseen and thus change the course of their futures. It will not only surprise Xiamoei but also the readers. It can open up the potential of the members and pave the way to many new storylines.

Eden Zero Episode 18 Release Date

The 18th episode titled “Words will give you strength” will be released this Sunday, which is the 8th of August 2021.

Where To Watch Eden Zero

Eden Zero can be watched on the biggest entertainment platform Netflix and is easily accessible as well.

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