Will There Ever Be Assassination Classroom Season 3?

Assassination Classroom

Assassination classroom gained massive popularity upon its release. This makes us wonder whether there could be a season 3. The much-loved main character Koro sensei was received with mixed emotions. He was an alien that was as human as an alien could be and perhaps more. It is only natural that another season is expected.

Here’s everything you need to know about the possibility of Assassination Classroom Season 3 airing.

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The manga with massive 21 volumes was first adapted into an original video animation and later an anime. The show had two seasons. It was produced under Lerche animation studio.

The anime gained immense popularity and ended in the year 2016.  Being so popular, it has left its fans wondering if there is a possibility of a third season.

Assassination Classroom Kuro Sensei
Assassination Classroom Kuro Sensei

Will We See Another Season For Assassination Classroom?

The anime that had 50 episodes in the span of its two seasons will not be getting a third season. Here are a few reasons for the same.

  1.     The animation covered most of the storyline from the main manga and was consistent with the structure. It also did the same with the ending of the anime adaptation of assassination classroom where it concluded the anime, the way the manga was concluded.
  2.     The first season of the anime adapted most of the first half of the manga. It was believed that the second season would cover the second half and conclude. It seems to have happened with the adaptation

Even if fans are expecting a third season. It would be an entirely new story completely unique and away from the manga. It may not make sense to continue the storyline as it will not continue logically.

One can always expect a spinoff or a new storyline all together but it is unlikely that a third season comes along. However, with the massive demand for Assassination Classroom Season 3, maybe a filler season is possible. 

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The Plot of Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom began as a manga. It was written by Yusei Matsui. It was published through the Weekly Shonen Jump. The manga begins with an outer space organism destroying half of the moon and threatening to do the same for Earth in a time span of one year. 

It takes charge as a high school teacher in a coy game. The Japanese government puts a bounty for 100 million dollars on this alien. Koro sensei enables the students to earn this prize.

There is a little hiccup. Koro sensei is not a normal organism. He has supernatural abilities which makes it very difficult to kill him. He has also become very respected by the students because of his dedication as a teacher and the kind of impact he has brought in their lives.

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