Edens Zero Chapter 171 Release Date And Spoilers

The previous episode was exciting as it prepares us for a brand new arc and also showed many of the crew members and how they’ve changed within the time skip of three years. Shiki has grown so much, both physically and also in his abilities.

Chapter 170 was a good introductory chapter to this new arc to sum up what the Edens Zero crew has been up to during the three years. To learn about Edens Zero Chapter 171, head down below.

Edens Zero Chapter 171 Release Date 

Edens Zero Chapter 171 is scheduled to release on Tuesday, December 7th, 2021.

Recap of Edens Zero Chapter 170

By the end of Chapter 169, it’s evident that we’re now moving into a time skip of three years and we saw Shiki telling everyone that they need to get stronger in order to defeat Ziggy. Chapter 170 shows us what the crew has been up to and how far they’ve improved within the three years.

Shiki has grown a lot physically and gotten much better with his gravity abilities.

At the end of the chapter, even Justice acknowledges the change in Shiki and says that the Shiki now is different from the boy they met three years ago. Rebecca has now become a popular B-Cuber within the last three years and both Hermit and Weisz also look more grown up.

Currently, they’re shown to be in a planet called Sweeds in Kaede cosmos and they’re attempting to return the planet back to its normal state as the robots there have lost their consciousness after Ziggy’s manipulation. The crew plays their part in fixing the three cores that were responsible for the manipulation and returns both the planet and the robots’ consciousness back to normal.

Cut next to the Interstellar Union Army who state that the Edens Zero crew has so far within the three years, managed to save 17 planets in total. So this sums up what the crew has been up to the last three years. We have to remember that Ziggy’s ultimate plan is to have the robots rule over humankind all over the cosmos so the Edens Zero crew has made it their mission all these years during the time skip to save all the planets that fell victim to Ziggy’s manipulation.

Also, there’s apparent danger lurking ahead as we see Jesse saying that the time to fight Shiki is getting near. The biggest highlight of this chapter was also the reveal that Shiki is considered as one of the Oracion Seis Galactica.

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What Can We Expect from Edens Zero Chapter 171?

There are no spoilers available yet. In Chapter 171, we may expect to see more crew members like Sister and the others and how much they’ve changed within the time skip.

Also the reveal that Shiki is considered as a Galactica definitely spices up things and preps us for a possibly very interesting new arc line. The question is also whether Shiki is just as strong as the other Galacticas mentioned previously?

Where to Read Edens Zero Chapter 171 Online?

You can read the latest chapter and the rest of the series on Amazon Kindle, ComiXology, and Crunchyroll.


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