Eleceed Chapter 162 Release Date, Spoilers & Leaks


The identity of the mysterious man was finally revealed in the previous chapter. Gahin Loutrain had arrived late to the academy. However, the World Academy suffered another humiliation after Kayden taught Gahin Loutrain’s Divine Beast, Lancelot, a lesson. The upcoming chapter of Eleceed will reveal the aftermath of this encounter.

Read on to find out more about Eleceed Chapter 162; release date, recap, spoilers.

Eleceed Chapter 162 Release Date

Ever since its release on 2nd October 2018, fans have been getting more and more excited each day anticipating upcoming chapters. To the delight of fans, Eleceed Chapter 162 will also be released shortly!

Following the weekly production schedule of the manhwa, Eleceed Chapter 162 is set to release on October 14, 2021. Fans can expect the upcoming chapter to be released this coming Thursday.

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Eleceed Chapter 161 Recap

Here’s what took place in the previous chapter of Eleceed.

A new character has been introduced to the story. Gahin Loutrain is from the Loutrain family who have been running the World Awakener’s Academy for decades. According to a report, there was an incident in a nearby Country’s Awakener’s Educational institute, and Loutrain’s late arrival may be somehow linked with it.

Eleceed Chapter 162

They come to realize that the World Awakener’s Academy had sent their top students Duke Grayne and Gahin Loutrain to stir chaos in nearby Awakener’s academies. Gahin wanted to take this opportunity to show off his power as the heir of the Loutrain family. He was also accompanied by a divine beast that no normal beast could overpower and believed to be created by Loutrain himself.

Meanwhile, outside the academy. Gahin introduces himself to Iseul as a student of World Awakener’s Academy. He makes no attempt to hide his intentions and challenges Iseul. As part of World Awakener’s Academy’s plan, he wanted to battle against a strong animal control ability user. Iseul being one of the strongest students of Mir was just the right target for him.

Iseul was reluctant in accepting his request. However, Gahin’s divine beast rushes towards Kayden and Mr. Curtin who were resting under the sunlight after fixing Jiwoo’s core. This provokes Iseul’s mystical beast Doori to step in. 

Gahin remarks that it was Doori who first attacked Gahin’s beast, Lancelot. To this Iseul mentions that Doori was only trying to protect Jiwoo’s cats. Hearing Jiwoo’s name intrigues Gahin. He then says that Iseul’s dog attacked Lancelot first so it can’t be stopped. Lancelot then pounces on Doori. The mystical beast is quickly overpowered by the divine beast.

Iseul tries to stop the fight but is silenced by Gahin. Doori is badly injured and endures a deep scratch on the face. Seeing Doori’s condition, Kayden decides to step in. As Lancelot gets ready to pounce for the kill, in a comedic turn of events, Kayden slams the panther into the ground.

Eleceed Chapter 162 Spoilers

The next chapter of Eleceed will show us Gahin and Iseul’s reaction to the incident. Jiwoo will yet again take the highlight after his fat cat defeated a divine beast without putting any effort. A mystical beast that was believed to be unbeatable was easily defeated by a mere cat with a single punch. As a result of this humiliation, Gahin may want to take revenge against Jiwoo. We may very much get to see Jiwoo fight Gahin in the upcoming chapter.

Eleceed Chapter 162

Also, we are yet to hear from the World Awakener’s Academy about their recent defeats. Their top students’ failure to defeat the South Koreans will definitely see the Loutrain family taking action against the Awakened Academy. It could spell disaster for the two academies as all-out war seems imminent. 

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Where To Read Eleceed

You can access the official version of Eleceed on the website of Webtoon. You can also download the Webtoon app to access Eleceed and many other manga titles.

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