Eleceed Chapter 176 (Jiwoo Defeats Julien) Release Date and Spoilers

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The intense fight between Jiwoo and Julien has begun after much preparation and excitement. Julien’s antagonism towards Kayden and his student are revealed in Chapter 175, when we see how demeaning he is towards Jiwoo by setting a tall condition. Kayden is visibly shocked and annoyed.

Anyway, you must be excited to read the upcoming chapter. Here’s everything you would want to know about Eleceed Chapter 176.

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About Eleceed

Jiwoo is a man with a kind soul who wants to make the world a good place for everyone to live in. Kayden is his teacher and one of the strongest Awakeners who has learned to take on the form of an obese cat.


Eleceed Chapter 175 Recap

In the previous chapter, we saw Jiwoo and Julien having a fight while the top Awakeners were looking on to bear witness to this battle. We get snapshots of the lead-up to the fight with the one of the strongest female Awakeners visiting Jiwoo while he was in his prep mode.

Finally, we see Kayden getting restless waiting for the fight to begin and thus, scolds the two of them to start fighting. Kayden scolds Julien for picking a fight with a boy who’s not even that strong while Julien himself has made it in to the rank list.

Eleceed Chapter 176
The Top Awakeneers look on

Julien’s grandfather interferes and tries to scold Kayden for demotivating his grandson. But Kayden replies by asking him if it is not true, which makes him shut up.

Kayden replies by telling the top Awakeners and Jiwoo that he is glad that Jiwoo accepted his battle and thus, looks forward to give him a handicap which will last forever.


Kayden’s cockiness shines through when he tells Kayden that if Jiwoo happens to land even a mere scratch on his neck, he will accept defeat. However, this condition is far from being an easy goal for Jiwoo since the top Awakeners should not be underestimated.

Eleceed Chapter 176: Jiwoo's Electrokinesis
Jiwoo’s Electrokinesis

We see Jiwoo getting nervous but fortunately, he is prepared not to lose yet. He starts activating his ability to use electrokinesis, which Julien notes with amusement since he thinks it’s typical of a student of Kayden. Jiwoo’s courage is admirable since Kayden himself told him that he will lose for sure.

Towards the end, we see Jiwoo attacking Julien with all his might and landing a huge hit on Julien. Thus, according to the rule set by Julien himself, Julien lost the fight with Jiwoo.

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Eleceed Chapter 176 Spoilers

The spoilers for the upcoming chapter are not released. Usually, the manhwa doesn’t really publish raw scans like in Shonen Jump mangas. However, we can still make some speculations about the battle’s outcome.

Jiwoo’s victory has Kayden overjoyed. However, according to several popular internet beliefs, Jiwoo will almost certainly ask for a second match to be held since he knows it was a lucky win.

Julian will want to have a second fight since he’s been humiliated if he returns a loser so soon after his debut. Jiwoo has progressed to the next level, where he can apply the force control techniques taught by Jiwoo and Seongik Han better.

Veramundt is one of the 10 strongest Awakeners, so even he’ll want a second roundto be held for his grandson to regain his pride and reputaton.


Eleceed Chapter 176 Release Date

Eleceed Chapter 176 is scheduled to get released on January 12, 2022. The release schedule of the Eleceed manhwa follows a weekly schedule. While there are some gaps in the release due to many issues, the release of Eleceed chapters has been very consistent.

Where To Read

You can read these chapters from the Webtoon app or website.

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