Eleceed Chapter 230 Release Date, Spoilers, and Other Details

Eleceed Chapter 192

Here is everything you need to know about Eleceed Chapter 230.

About: Eleceed

Eleceed is an ongoing manhwa series written by Son Jae-ho with Zenha serving as the illustrator.

The series follows the story of young man Seo Jiwoo with quick reflexes who crosses paths with Kayden, a secret agent on the run but is stuck in the body of a cat.

Eleceed Chapter 230

Eleceed Chapter 229: A Quick Recap

The previous chapter centered mainly around the conversation between Subin’s grandfather and Sungik Han.

In addition, Subin’s grandfather is almost completely healed due to Kartein’s treatment and support from Subin’s friends.

As the chapter moves forwards, we see Subin and the gang visiting Kayden and Jiwoo’s house. However, Jiwoo is having a practice session with Kayden and Kartein.

Additionally, Jiwoo realizes that he cannot depend on Kayden forever. However, he injures himself while trying to control his powers.

Eleceed Chapter 230

Eleceed Chapter 230: What To Expect?

Although no spoilers are leaked as of yet, we believe that Jiwoo needs to undertake more training in order to control his power.

Moreover, the upcoming few chapters might shed more light on the origins of Jurions’ brother and what power he possesses.

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Eleceed Chapter 230: Release Date

Chapter 230 of Eleceed is anticipated to drop on the 25th of January 2023. It will be released at midnight in Korea.

Moreover, it will release globally on the following dates and times:

  • Pacific Standard Time: 9.00 am
  • Central Standard Time: 11.00 am
  • Eastern Standard Time: Noon
  • British Standard Time: 5.00 pm
  • Indian Standard Time: 9.30 pm
  • Singapore Standard Time: midnight
  • Philippines Standard Time: midnight
  • Australia Central Standard Time: 2.00 am

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Eleceed Chapter 230: Where And How To Read?

You can read the English-translated version of the upcoming chapter of Eleceed on the official website of Naver. However, you would need to purchase a subscription to read the chapter.

Furthermore, all the previous chapters of the manhwa series are available on the Webtoons application as well as here.

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