We Ranked The Best Characters From The Netflix Show “Wednesday”!

Netflix Wednesday

Here’s a list of the best characters from Netflix’s new series produced in collaboration with Tim Burton Wednesday, a spin-off from the Addams Family franchise. The series has lots of surprises and twist and focuses on the character of Wednesday Addams, as the name suggests.

  • EUGENE OTTINGEREugene Ottinger: best wednesday characters

Eugene is a psychic student at Nevermore Academy and a close friend of Wednesday Addams with the ability to control bees. He is the president of the school’s bee-keeping club .

  • LARISSA WEEMSGwendoline Christie: best wednesday characters

Larissa Weems is the principal of Nevermore Academy and a former student who shared a dorm with Wednesday’s mother, Morticia Addams.

  • BIANCA BARCLAYBianca best wednesday characters

Bianca Barclay attends Nevermore Academy and is a siren. She is one of the most popular pupils at Nevermore Academy and the rival of Wednesday in the series. Bianca is also the ex girlfriend of the most popular guy in Nevermore, Xavier Thorpe.

  • XAVIER THORPE Xavier Thorpe: best wednesday characters of Netflix

Xavier Thorpe attends Nevermore and is a psychic artist who has the ability to animate his art through telekinesis. He is one of the first people that befriend Wednesday on her arrival at Nevermore and is also one of her love interests in the series.

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    Enid: best wednesday characters

Enid is a werewolf who is a student at Nevermore. She is the roommate of Wednesday and becomes her closest friend in the series. Enid is a lively, enthusiastic, and upbeat adolescent. She does, however, conceal insecurity about her incapacity to turn into a werewolf fully.

  • TYLER GALPINTyler Galpin: best wednesday characters

Tyler is the town sheriff’s son and one of the ‘normies’ in the series. He is initially depicted as a quiet, unassuming adolescent. However,  his character  is a mystery, with two very different personas dwelling within him.

  • THINGThe Thing best wednesday characters

Thing is a disembodied hand that serves a variety of duties for the family. Thing bears scars resembling Frankenstein’s monster. Morticia and Gomez assigned him to spy on Wednesday.

  • JOSEPH CRACKSTONEJOSEPH CRACKSTONE: best netflix wednesday characters

In Jericho, Joseph Crackstone is known as a pioneer and is praised for his work in settling the area in the 1600s. He is a well-known pilgrim who despises outcasts. In the series, he is resurrected by his descendent so that he can resume his crusade against outcasts.

  • MARILYN THORNHILLMarilyn Thornhill: best netflix wednesday characters

Thornhill teaches botany, with a specialty in carnivorous plants . She is also the sole “normie” instructor in the school. For the majority of the first season, her kindness toward Wednesday seemed genuine. The ending, though, reveals a totally different side to her, and a stunning explanation to Wednesday’s biggest mystery.

  • WEDNESDAY ADDAMSWednesday Addams: best characters from Netflix Wednesday

Wednesday Addams is the Addams Family’s daughter. She is a pale, dark-haired, grim-faced young lady who is obsessed by death and the macabre. Wednesday is new to Nevermore Academy in the Netflix series having being expelled from her previous school. She struggles with adjusting to her newfound psychic skills as well as fitting in with her new classmates. She swiftly becomes entangled in the various mysteries surrounding the academy upon her arrival in Nevermore.

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