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Everything Is ‘Cake’ Took to The Next Level

Everything is an illusion, people say. Everything is a cake, the internet says.

Do you remember the ‘Cake v/s real’ trend which took the internet in a storm? The BakeKing took it to the next level. He is the king of cakes. He is a multi-award-winning cake artist.

The BakeKing aces the art of making Hyper-realistic cakes. He makes cakes that look like dishes, food, objects, shoes, etc.

The artist makes crazy detailed cakes that led to the ‘Cake v/s Real‘ trend because people were not able to find the difference.

The artist took his creations to the next level when he created a cake for British Rapper SlowThai for the music video, ‘Feel Away‘.

Yes, this is a ‘Human Cake‘. This looks like a real person lying down on a hospital bed, but it’s not. The hyper-realism in the detailing of this cake are mind-blowing.

Some people were unable to accept that it’s a cake and not a real human.

Can you believe it’s a cake:

Yes, this is definitely a cake disguised as a human:

Here is the music video of ‘Feel Away’ :

‘Feel Away’ released in September 2020.

This cake is definitely terrifying and mind-blowing at the same time.

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