Everything To Know About ‘Psychic Princess’ Season 2 Release Date

The anime Psychic Princess is a Chinese Shoujo anime that has acquired immense popularity. Many in the weeb community like the fact that Psychic Princess has good visuals and a unique storyline. 

Also, it questions and breaks down many annoying tropes like the “damsel-in-distress”. For this progressive approach, Psychic Princess deserves tons of praise and commendation. 

The anime is based on an ongoing Manhwa which has a maximum of 469 chapters as of now. Due to its rising popularity, a donghua adaptation aired from November 2018 on Fridays.

Psychic Princess Season 1 had 16 episodes, which finished in April 2019 unfortunately. The first season ended with a huge cliff-hanger that made fans impatient to learn more about the next events.

When will Psychic Princess Season 2 Get Released?

Much to the dismay of many fans, the official announcement of the renewal of Psychic Princess Season 2 hasn’t arrived yet. This void of news has left many fans scrambling for fan theories and speculations, which are quite unreliable honestly.

However, we scoured through tons of them and believe that a reasonable release date for Season 2 would be November 2022. Also, a live-action series inspired by the anime will also be getting released. 

It’s also important to note that some live-action series is worth your time. Thus, you can start watching it to keep your mind off Psychic Princess Season 2. 

Expected Plot of Season 2

The plot of Psychic Princess revolves around this young girl called Quan Yun Xi, who has been labelled “weird” since childhood. Everyone feared her and considered her a bad omen, because of which she was sent off to Ling Yun Mountain. 

When she attained her Sweet 16, she took the place of her sister, who was supposed to marry Prince Ye. However, as luck would have it, Prince Ye was cruel and even forced her to live in a haunted mansion.

Season 1 revolved around her struggles with her royal and marital lives. However, fortunately, by the end of Season 1, prince Ye Youming starts falling in love with her. This means that he starts treating her like a lady, as he should. 

Prince Ye allows her to live as a proper lady in the main palace. Quan Yun makes her entrance felt by settling in her new mansion along with her ghost friends. However, not everything is sunshine and unicorns as we can see danger lurking in the air. 

Towards the end, we see a creepy man in the hoods having an eerie conversation with an evil spirit. It’s reasonable to speculate that this man could play a crucial role in the plot of Season 2.

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