Fairy Tail: Erza Scarlet and Jellal Fernandes’ Enduring Romance

If you’re an avid fan of the hit anime series Fairy Tail or even a casual watcher, you know that Erza and Jellal have one of the most complicated relationships in the world of Fairy Tail. Growing up as childhood friends with a shared understanding of pain, they have so much history behind them. They may be the best-written ship of the series and many fans love this pairing too!

How Did They Meet? 

They met each other when they were little children. Both of them were enslaved at the Tower of Heaven, where they quickly formed a deep bond.

Erza even took on the last name Scarlet because Jellal suggested it- that is how close they were! Jellal was also very protective of Erza during their time in their tower and made sure to shield her from the abuse of the authorities.

The Constant Push And Pull Of Their Romance 

After Jellal betrays Erza at the Tower of Heaven, Erza continues to care for him and wish him the best in life. Not only do they have such a complicated history, they constantly run into each other throughout the series. So it’s no surprise that this pair always think about each other even during the times when they’re apart. It’s evident that the love they share is extremely enduring and not simple infatuation.

Jellal later on goes back to normal after being rid of the demon controlling him. And he makes a decision to live a life on the run and pay for all the evil acts he has committed. In this process, he pushes away Erza even though their feelings for each other are so obvious.

We all remember the popular scene from the Grand Magic Games arc when Erza and Jellal almost kiss but Jellal pushes her away, lying to her that he has a fiancee. This is because he feels undeserving of her and denying their budding romance is a way of punishing himself for all his crimes earlier.

Do They End Up Together At The End of Fairy Tail? 

Jerza– the name of their ship, just like other ships in Hiro Mashima’s Fairy Tail, are not officially shown as an established couple. But they have tons of romantic and heartwarming moments.



In the Alvarez Empire Arc too, Lucy notes that Erza takes care to brush her hair everyday, implying that it is because she wants to look nice for Jellal. Many fans have taken this instance as one evidence of this ship ending up together eventually!


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